Story: My Sworn Enemy – Episode 19 & 20

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My Sworn Enemy Story


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Episode 19
O my God, why is the detective not picking his call and now this guy want to leave the ShopRite, let me try his number again, so Charles call the detective number again but still he wasn’t picking his call and Charles was pissed off but he was still looking at the guy who was heading out of the ShopRite, so he accepted the fate that the detective are not coming again. As the guy got to where he parked his car, he opened it and was about to enter the car before a group of police men came with a van, immediately Charles saw the policemen he rushed out from the ShopRite.
“Officers look at the guy he want to leave with his car “Charles said pointing at the guy who was about to drove off with his car and that moment the policemen all surrounded the car.
“Get down from that car or we will blow your head “detective Nathan said while pointing his gun on the car direction with his men
“what did I do ? the guy asked immediately he came out from his car
“Mr Charles!! you said the guy was among the men who kidnapped Mr Lawson’s late daughter right? detective Nathan asked trying to be sure
“yes detective, he was among the men who kidnapped Jane, I still remember some of their faces “Charles replied looking at the guy
“I don’t know what he is talking about “the guy said, as he was about to talk further they slapped and handcuff him, after that the policemen took him away. that same day they caught his remaining gangs and put them in the cell for questioning.
“why did you people kidnapped and killed Mr Lawson’s daughter? detective Nathan asked the kidnappers after they have torture them
“it was our boss that told us to kidnapped and killed the girl “one of the kidnapper responded
And who is your boss ? detective Nathan asked
We don’t know “the other three kidnappers said
“So you people don’t want to say who your boss is, no problem, we will continue to torture you until you tell us who your boss is “detective Nathan said and then he orer his men to torture the kidnappers, as they were torturing them, the pain was too much for them to bear, they have no other choice but to say the truth.
“I will tell you who our boss is “one of the kidnapper said and that moment detective Nathan stopped his men from torturing them.
“So tell me who is your boss? detective Nathan asked again
Our boss is a woman, and her name is………
Episode 20
So tell me who is your boss? detective Nathan asked
Our boss is a woman, and her name is……… “he paused immediately his other gang looked at him
“continue talking, what is the name of your boss? detective Nathan asked again but he refused to talk, and likewise the others also refused to talk
“since you people don’t want to tell me the name of your boss, you left us no choice but to torture you all hard “detective Nathan said and then order his men again to torture the boys, and this time they torture the boys mercilessly
“please! please!! I will say the truth, the name of our boss is… Mrs Sophia “one of the kidnapper said and detective Nathan with the other policemen were shocked of what they heard
“which of the Sophia are you talking about ? detective Nathan asked trying to be sure of what he heard
“is the Sophia you all know “the kidnapper responded
you mean Sophia the lawyer? detective Nathan asked again
“yes she is the one “the kidnapper responded
“So what about Mr Joe we killed, was he among your gang ? he asked
“No, he is not among us, we only set him up by using his car to kidnapped Mr Lawson’s daughter so that they will think that he was among us “the kidnapper explained
“what!!! so you mean that Mr Joe was not among your gang, and yet you people made us to kill him for the crime he did not commit, but why will you people set him up ? detective Nathan asked surprisedly
“It was Sophia that told us to set him up, she is the main brain behind all this “the kidnapper said
“Hmm…… this is serious, so Sophia is behind all this, she must face the law, I mean five of you must face the law “detective Nathan said to the four kidnappers and after that he sent some of his men to go and arrest Sophia.
Meanwhile Sophia was coming out from her office because she have closed for the day and was about going home before she saw some policemen coming towards her direction, she stopped to know what they want.
“good day officers, are you looking for anyone? Sophia asked
“yes madam, we are actually looking for you “the policemen responded
Me?? I hope there is no problem? just as you can see am about to go home, so tell me what you want to say because am in the rush to go home “Sophia said
“Am sorry Mrs Sophia, you can not go home because you are under arrest “one of the police said
“you must be out of your mind for saying that, why will you arrest me, do you know who I am “Sophia said
“Yes we know who you are, you are one of the most famous lawyer we have in this state, but you are under arrest for kidnapping and murder “the policeman said and Sophia’s heart skipped
“I don’t know what you people are talking about, please leave my way I want to go home and cook for my husband “she said and wanted to walk out from them but they stopped her
Madam!! please respect yourself and kindly follow us to the station because anything you do or say shall be use against you in the court of law “the policemen said and after that they took Sophia away.

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