Story: My Sworn Enemy – Episode 3 & 4

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Episode 3
Mtcheew……. Look at her mouth, am pregnant is she telling me that to make me feel bad, every time my husband bought this for me, my husband bought that for me, as if she is the only one that have the most perfect marriage rubbish, as for Stephen he must return this car and buy the one of 20 million for me, I can’t be driving 13 million naira car while my friend Anita is driving the one of 20 million, no it will be very embarrassing to me, Stephen must return that rubbish he bought for me .”Sophia thought to herself
In the evening when Stephen return back from work, because Sophia normally closes on time from her work before her husband. immediately Stephen entered the house, instead of Sophia to welcome him, she hissed and went inside the room, Stephen stood there confused on his wife sudden attitude, after some moment he decided to go inside the room to know what is wrong with his wife Sophia.
“Honey what is the matter, you didn’t even bother to welcome me and you don’t look happy at all, tell me what the problem is ? Stephen asked in a concerned tone
Nothing!! and don’t touch me. “Sophia said frowning
“How can you tell me nothing when you don’t look happy, please am your husband, tell me what the problem is “Stephen insisted
“Ok since you want to know my problem, how much did you bought that car for me? she asked in a harsh tone
Is 13million naira which you know, why do you ask? he asked confusedly
why won’t I asked? look at my friend Anita, her husband joe bought her a car worth 20million naira, while you bought the one of13million naira for me which is too low to my standard, if you know what is good for you better return that car and buy me the one of 20million naira, that is what I want “Sophia exclaimed raising her voice
But you were happy for the car yesterday I bought it for you, why the sudden change of mind? Stephen asked
I just don’t like it anymore change it for me. “Sophia said following his statement
Sorry I can’t do that, you have to manage the car and stop looking at other people, be contented with the one you have. “Stephen advised
that one you are talking is story, you must get me my own 20million naira car ooo…. whether you like it or not, after all joe bought for Anita 20million naira car so my own will not be different .”Sophia queried
my dear, all fingers are not equal, joe is a very wealthy business man, but me am just a bank manager earning monthly salary, please appreciate the one you see. “Stephen said
“I will not appreciate ooo…., just get me my own 20million naira car if you want peace in this house “Sophia exclaimed
“If you don’t like the car I bought for you, then use your money to buy the one you want, after all you are a lawyer and they are paying you well .”Stephen said and walked away from her and went to the room while Sophia started murmuring, but after everything she have no choice but to manage the car because she knows that Stephen was not ready to buy her another car.
Episode 4
One Friday evening, Sophia went to visit Anita in her house, on getting there the maid open the door for her and she went inside, Anita and her husband joe was happy to see her.
Good evening joe “Sophia greeted
ah…. barrister Sophia, you came to visit us? Joe said smiling
yes ooo…… I came to visit you people. “Sophia said while Anita smiled
so how is your husband? Joe asked
He is fine, I just rushed down here to come and see my friend. “Sophia said
ok that is very nice of you “joe said and then excuse the both of them
babe how far…….”said Sophia after joe had left to his room
“Am fine ooo….. just as you can see, but this one you came to my house by this time, I hope all is well? because I know you don’t normally come to my house by this time when your husband is at home “Anita asked smiling
yes you are right, please I need your help “Sophia requested
what help do you want from me? Anita asked
Am going out for dinner with one of my client who just returned from Australia, his name is Randy Boston, he is one of my biggest client, you know that I need to look good that was why I came here so that you will give me that your diamond necklace but I promise to return it tomorrow. “Sophia said
but you know that the diamond necklace is a special gift joe bought for me and is very expensive, let me give you my other necklace that one too is also beautiful “Anita said
No I don’t want that one, is the diamond necklace that I want, please I beg you give me the diamond necklace, but I promise to return it for you tomorrow”Sophia pleaded
That is what you keep on saying all the time, you are fond of collecting something from me without returning it back, was it not last week you collected my chifon gown that I bought 35,000 naira, till today you refused to give it back to me saying that you like it which I later end up letting it go not only that gown but many other things which I have let go, please this diamond necklace is a special gift joe bought for me and he normally like me to wear it whenever am going out, please let me give you the other necklace I beg you. “Anita tried to reason with her but Sophia still insist on the diamond necklace
why are you being so difficult, is the diamond necklace more important than our friendship? please give me the diamond necklace, like I said before I will return it for you tomorrow “after Sophia pleaded for Anita to give her the diamond necklace, she finally gave it to her which she wore and went out for dinner with Randy Boston her client because Randy was having a case which Sophia will stand for him , that was why he invited her for dinner to discuss it with her. After they finish having dinner and talked about the case, Sophia went back home, although Stephen was aware of the dinner she went with her client and he is used to it because that was not her first time of going out with her client, and Stephen understand that any time she went out with a client is because of a case they want to talk about.
The next day when Anita returned back from work, because she owns a very big hospital and she have many nurses and a junior doctor who work for her, anytime she go home the junior doctor will be in charge, sometimes Anita don’t use to go to work because the junior doctor was there to take care of everything in the hospital. So as Anita returned back from work, she waited for Sophia to bring back her diamond necklace as they agreed but Sophia didn’t show up, so she decided to call Sophia to know why she haven’t bring the diamond necklace.
Hello, how far babe “Sophia said immediately she picked the call
which one is how far again, I thought you said that you will bring the necklace for me today, why haven’t I see you yet ? Anita angrily asked
calm down nah….. anyway the reason why you haven’t see me is because something happened to the diamond necklace “Sophia said

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