Story: My Sworn Enemy – Episode 5 & 6

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Episode 5 
Written by chichi Tonia
calm down nah…. anyway the reason why you haven’t see me is because something happened to the diamond necklace “Sophia said
OMG!! this can’t be true, what really happen to it ? because I don’t want anything to happen to that diamond necklace is very expensive and also is a special gift from my husband, so what happened to it? Anita asked sadly
Nothing much, just that the necklace mistakely cut when I wanted to remove it from my neck, but don’t worry I will take it to where they will fix it “Sophia said
“No! no!! no!!! you don’t have to worry yourself, just bring it like that for me I will fix it myself “Anita said because she knew the kind of person Sophia is, she know that Sophia want to take the diamond necklace, that was why she was bringing up story so that she can have it to herself.
Am the one that spoil the necklace, and I will be the one to fix it for you so don’t worry I will bring your diamond necklace anytime am done fixing it okay “Sophia said and ended the call
“Hello! hello!! Sophia are you there? “but there was no answer. Ah…. she have hung the call on me, if I had known I wouldn’t have given her my diamond necklace, now she will not return the necklace again for me because this one she is bringing up story, I know she want to take the necklace, almost all my expensive things Sophia have taken it without returning it for me again, is it a crime to have a best friend? now I know that my diamond necklace is gone as far as Sophia is concerned, ah…. what will I tell my husband about the diamond necklace, because I know that Sophia will never return It again for me, hmmmm….. “Anita thought to herself and then went inside the room. meanwhile as all this was going on, nothing happened to the diamond necklace, Sophia lied to Anita so that she could have it to herself, when Anita saw that Sophia don’t want to give her the necklace, she have no other choice but to let go of it and Sophia was very happy that finally the diamond necklace have become her own.
As time goes on, Anita gave birth to a baby girl and joe was very happy to be a father, the day of the baby’s naming ceremony many people came including joe relatives and his business partners, even Sophia and her husband also came for the naming and they all congratulate Anita and her husband for their new baby.
Congrats my friend, am really happy for you “Sophia said while touching the baby
Thank you my dear ” Anita responded
I just pray to have my own child and be a mother too “Sophia said
Don’t worry your own will soon come ” Anita said and they continue talking. Stephen on the other hand was with Joe congratulating him for their new child. After the naming ceremony was over, everybody all went to their various home.
Three months later, Anita was at home with her baby because ever since she gave birth she have not been going to work, and the junior doctor in her hospital was the one in charge of the hospital for now, As she was at home with her baby Sophia came.
hmm…. you are not looking bad at all, where are you heading to all dressed like a president wife? Anita asked smiling
well today is the day have been waiting for “Sophia said excitedly
how? I don’t understand “Anita said confusedly
ok let me tell you, do you remember the day I told you about the foreign supreme judge who will be coming to Nigeria very soon, and that they will appoint ten lawyers who will be meeting with him? Sophia said
Episode 6
Written by chichi Tonia
oh..oh…. you mean the one you told me that anytime he comes to Nigeria that they will appoint ten lawyers who will meet with him and that same day the supreme judge will promote them after the meeting, am I right? Anita asked trying to be sure
yes exactly he will be coming around 12pm today and I was appointed to be among the ten lawyers who will meet him, is that not a good news “Sophia said excitedly
yes my dear is a very good news, so finally you will be meeting the foreign supreme judge today, am so happy for you my friend “Anita said
thank you, not only that I will also be promoted today as well “Sophia said and Anita rejoice with her
Honestly speaking am really happy for you, and I can’t wait for we to celebrate it when you return ” Anita exclaimed
it will be a very big celebration after I get my promotion today “Sophia said
“So when are you going because is already 10:30am or will you still meet up even when you go late? Anita asked
God forbid, I will never go late because if any of us go late we will miss the opportunity to be promoted, me I can’t go late ooo…. because I don’t want to miss the opportunity to meet the foreign supreme judge, that was why I rushed down here to beg you for something and please don’t turn down my request because today is the biggest day of my career “Sophia said with a pleading look
And what do you want me to do for you? Anita asked
Promise me that you will do it for me and I will be very grateful “Sophia said
Am not promising you anything, if is what I can do for you I will do it, just tell me what you want me to do for you “Anita said to her
“ok! you know today is the biggest day of my career, I want to look very hot to meet the foreign supreme judge, many of my colleagues bought an expensive car which they will use to meet the supreme judge, there is this my colleague who her husband bought a car worth about two hundred million naira yesterday, not only her there are many of them who will use expensive car today to meet with the foreign supreme judge “Sophia said
So you mean your colleague husband bought her a car of two hundred million naira just because she want to meet the foreign supreme judge? Anita asked surprisedly
Not only to meet the foreign supreme judge but also to get promoted, that was why I want you to help me out because my own cannot be different “Sophia exclaimed
you still haven’t tell me what you want me to do for you “Anita said
you know my car is too low to my standard to take along and likewise my husband car is also low to take along to see the supreme judge, it will be too embarrassing to me and also my colleagues will laugh at me that I came with a cheap car to see the supreme judge and besides my husband have gone to work with his own car, please give me your car let me make use of it today when I come back I will bring it for you “Sophia pleaded
I would love to give it to you but too bad my car is in the mechanic, it developed fault Two days ago when I was returning back from hospital with my baby, and they said that they will finish repairing it tomorrow, but why not manage your car “Anita saidHi peacemaker +2348037873157 to be added you to the platform
God forbid, I can not drive thirteen million naira car to see the supreme judge “Sophia said following her words
but for now you have to manage your car because you have no choice “Anita advised
No I can’t use that car is too low to my liking, please Anita since your car is in the mechanic, please can you give me your husband car I beg you “Sophia requested
what did you just say now, I should give you my husband’s car, can you hear yourself, please don’t even go there “Anita angrily said
please Anita for the sake of our friendship, do this for me because I don’t want to miss this opportunity to be promoted I beg you “Sophia pleaded
sorry Sophia, I can’t give you my husband car is not proper at all, am sorry to disappoint you “Anita said in disagreement
Hmm…. Sophia is asking for too much, do you think that Anita did the right thing by not giving her best friend her husband car to use for that day, well next episode will tell whether Anita later consider her friend

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