Story: My Virgin Girlfriend – Episode 11 & 12

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Episode 11
🍷Intimacy 🍷
👗[My Virgin Girlfriend]  👠
By: Blessing D writes. 
       😄Writer’s POV 😄  
Days ran by quickly with Charlie trying to get over his rejection and Rosanna trying to get her head straight and concentrate on the fast approaching contest.
And then the day came, the day of the contest.
All the contestant did their very best but of course Rosanna emerged the winner. 
Immediately she became very popular, her name were all over social media, a lot of people that doesn’t know her got to know her.
Different modelling companies asked her to sigh a deal with them, companies and different brands used her as their model.
She became extremely busy going from one television show to an interview on Radio. 
People got to recognize her and her perfect beauty but what she doesn’t still know is that Charlie was actually involved in her success.
Of course without Charlie she could emerge as the winner, the first or second runner up but with Charlie’s connection she was just awarded the winner without much thinking. 
Charlie on the other side modelled as sighed throughout for the company Rosanna works in for a whole week but didn’t set his eyes on her, but he didn’t really bother because he knows the reason behind her absence in the company.
Everyday Charlie found himself starring at her on TV. He couldn’t still get her off his mind no matter how hard he tried.
It’s was as if he was charmed by her.
Then taking Mike’s advise again, he didn’t to ask her out for the second time.
It’s was just a simple lunch which Rosanna of course agreed to reluctantly because of Tara.
Charlie didn’t make any moves at first but later revealed his interest.
Rosanna wasn’t too shocked but she still stood her ground and rejected him. Now that she has become really popular every little thing she does tends to come out on social media, so not wanting to stain her name or give people reason to call her a bit*h, she again turned him down. 
But Charlie wasn’t convinced, he was now determined to get her and currently he is planning on asking her out for the third time.
    🍷Charlie’s POV 🍷 
I stood in front of the few board members who were currently disclosing the situation of one of dad’s company.
“So Mr Bran, we need few more employees in that branch because the work…”
The one speaking stopped speaking because my phone started ringing.
I brought it out from my trouser pocket to see that it was one of Ria’s nanny. 
Why is she calling? I wondered and picked the call.
📲Hello sir.
📱Yes, why are you calling? 
📲Sir it’s Ria, she..she is not feeling too good and she refused treatment saying she wants to see you.
📱What? My daughter is sick?? 
📲Ye..yes sir, came the reply.
📱Hope doc William is there with you? 
📲Yes, he is and he said she might be running a temperature considering how hot her body is.
📱Make sure you guys remain there with her. I’ll be there soon.
I ended the call, then faced the board members. 
“I guess we’ll have to continue next time, I gat to go now” I said in a rush.
“But..Mr Bran” one of them tried protesting but I was out already.
I got down to the garage and luckily the guards were there beside the car. They unended the car for me and I got in.
“Be fast, I want you to get home in fifteen minutes” I told my driver and he nodded and drove out of the company without wasting time.
Minutes later we got home despite the little traffic we encountered on the way.
I got down from the car and rushed to her room to see her lying at one side of the bed. 
Doc William was there with her two nannies and few other maids.
“Ria” I called and lifted her up.
“Why don’t you wanna take medication, huh!? You wanna get hospitalized huh, and how come she is at home by now?” I asked referring to one of her nannies in the last sentence.
“Sir, she came back an hour after we took her to school” one of them replied.
“Sweetheart, what is it? Why don’t you wanna take medication?” I asked her for the second time.
Truly her temperature seems to be acting up. 
She didn’t even stare at my face, she kept starring at her doll which she held tightly. 
“Baby look at me, why are you like this?” I asked getting more worried.
I don’t understand why she is acting like this. 
A tear rolled down her eyes instead and I turned to stare at her nannies and the rest.
“You all should leave us, doc, you can leave, I’ll come over to your hospital with her” I instructed and they all left shutting the door behind.
“Ria, did something happen at school?” I inquired with the calmest voice ever and she sniffed. 
“I promise if you tell me, I’m gonna solve it no matter what, just spill it” I urged.
“Why am I the only one that doesn’t have a mommy, dad?”
“All my classmates have, their moms pick them up from school after closing hours, not some nanny’s” she started in tears.
“Ria I thought…”
“No, I won’t listen to you anymore dad, I want a mom, I deserve one too” she cut me in and stated firmly.
“Okay, I promise I will look into…”
“No, I want one now!!” She cut me in the second time, escaped from my arms and ran out of her room. 
I sighed and ruffed my hair.
Raising a kid is damn difficult but of course am looking into it.  
It’s just that it’s not working out as expected and I seriously don’t want someone that’s after my money to act like her mom.
It’s really high time I act differently, maybe by being sincere about her or something she might up end accepting me.
Maybe she thinks I only want to use her like other ladies, it’s high time I make her realize that’s not my main aim.
Yeah, I should act towards changing her mind tonight.
How do you think Charlie is gonna do it?
Do you think Rosanna is gonna accept him after this night? 
Your comments please.
Episode 12 
🍷Intimacy 🍷
👗[My Virgin Girlfriend] 👠
By: Blessing D writes. 
(Meeting up)
    👗Rosanna’s POV 👗 
I dropped my phone down after receiving the reminder text from CB.
He wants us to meet up this night.
I’m I ready to face him again? I’m seriously tired of rejecting him. I so much want to give him a chance now seeing how he didn’t stop coming but not now.
I wish he can just understand and let me be for now, I’ll need to give it a little bit of thinking too.
Not now. I wish he’ll ask in maybe a month time but not now. I don’t think I can give him a chance even now.
I sat down on the couch in the sitting room and continued sipping from my raspberry juice when the door bursted open and Tara showed up.
“Hey babe” she smiled as she approached me.
“Hi, you’re back already?” I inquired sitting up.
“Yeah, it’s didn’t really take long” she replied and sat facing me.
“So, how are you preparing for tonight outing with CB? Hope you aren’t gonna act your usual self cause I won’t forgive you this time around” she cooed.
“Are you even sure he wants to ask me out again?” I inquired rolling my eyes.
“It’s obvious, seriously he is into you real well, I’ve never heard him stuck up on a lady before” she responded.
“Well, that because no lady has ever rejected him” I answered back.
She glared at me for a while and looked up.
“You are doing this because you no he is really interested in you right? You’re making him suffer unnecessarily, for goodness sake Ros, accept him” she yelled at the last part.
“Tara, you no what? I aren’t ready to argue with you over CB’s matter, I aren’t making him suffer unnecessarily too” I said standing up on my feet.
“I’ll just leave you to have some sleep before I leave for the dinner” I added and left with my raspberry juice.
Ever since I rejected CB from the first day. I’ve not had peace.
She’s always pissing me off, it’s not that I’m really doing it to make him suffer the way she’s putting it too. 
I guess it’s because she loves him so well that’s why she’s always concerned about him. 
I’d wished he liked her instead with the way she’s always reacting to things concerning him.
My recent meeting and all with CB has always popped up on social media.
A lot of people comment things that aren’t even happening, disgusting and discouraging things about CB screwing me and all that.
Heavens know I’m still a virgin and I plan on keeping it, at least till my wedding night.
One of my strong reasons for rejecting him in the beginning but I’m starting to think otherwise as he still continues showing interest. 
What if I accept him? Will it be possible not to have sexual intercourse? 
I don’t even think that will happen. I’m honestly a little bit afraid of that.
Once I accept him, it’s bond to happen. 
I got to my room and decided to check what’s happening on internet.
I logged in to my Instagram account and continued scrolling down till I got to one of CB’s recent post.
“Still chasing her.” 
It got millions of comments on it, I continued scrolling down his post till i got to one of his old post. 
Pictures he took with his four years old pretty daughter. She’s really beautiful and adorable. 
It could be a very nice thing playing mom to her, the best thing actually but I’m still considering myself. My dignity. 
I did a little research and found out a lot about her mom.
Her married mom.
CB actually had a one night stand with her and she got pregnant for him. She collected millions from him for abortion and didn’t abort the baby.
She actually left to Mexico, gave birth to her then returned with the girl and presented her to the father which is CB.
CB was beyond shocked but got more shocked when he realized she has already gotten married to a man she actually really loved, she used the money CB gave to her for abortion and built up her beloved husband up.
Well CB had no option but to accept the six months old baby, then he raised her himself up till date.
Well some rumours stated that he had a lot of things with the lady. While some rumours stated that it’s was only a one night stand. 
Whichever way, the real deal is that he got a daughter with her. 
After searching the net for long, I dropped the phone and slept off. 
I opened my eyes and it’s was already 7:45pm.
“Sh*t!” I cussed and dragged myself out of bed.
I won’t be able to make it 8:00pm. No way and Tara couldn’t even call me.
Guess she is angry with me.
I picked up my phone and texted him that I won’t be able to make it at 8, then I shifted it to 9:30pm. 
Then immediately I started preparing, I firstly ran to the bathroom, then did the necessary, came out and rubbed lotion and cream.
Put on a black dress which had my back exposed. It is a free black gown. 
One of a kind. 
I didn’t apply much make-up, then I ran out with my blue purse, out to the garage.
In case you don’t no, one of the prizes given to me for winning the foodie chief competition is a black Lamborghini, latest model. 
I unended it, got in before speeding off, I checked the time to realize that it’s was already after 9.
“Damn! Damn!!” I cussed repeatedly as I speed off into the highway.
The actions continues…
What will happen next?

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