Story: My Virgin Girlfriend – Episode 13 & 14

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Episode 13 
🍷Intimacy 🍷
👗[My Virgin Girlfriend] 👠
By: Blessing D writes 
     👗Rosanna’s POV 👗 
I got into the restaurant to see that he was already sited waiting for me.
I can’t find anyone around here, guess he reserved the whole restaurant like he did last time.
I walked up to the table he was sited on and sat facing him.
“Hi,I’m.. sorry for arriving late, I didn’t no when I overslept” I cooed, my gaze low.
“It’s okay, it’s hasn’t been too long I arrived” he said with a soft smile.
My shyness has reduced, I’m no longer that shy tho still a bit shy.
He is Charlie Bran afterall.
“So, what will you like to take?” He inquired.
“Um..I’ll go for chicken Alfredo pasta and an orange juice” I answered then he nodded.
At the snap of his fingers two waiters ran up to our table. In case you’re wondering, we aren’t in land mall restaurant this time but a different one. 
“You should take something good as a drink tho, what’s with the orange juice?” He raised his brows and asked.
“Well, I don’t take alcoholic drink” I replied and he pulled a puzzled face. 
“Chicken Alfredo pasta for two” he said to the waitress.
“A bottle of vodka and um…”he looked at me.
“Orange juice” he finally said and they both nodded and left.
He focused his attention and me and I lowered my gaze again.
“I won’t wait for too long Ros, I will go to the main reason why I called you out again” he started and I gulped hard getting really nervous.
I know he is gonna head here but I can’t help but feel nervous about it. 
“You might think I just wanna use you like the rumour says, but you don’t have to listen to those rumours cause they are all lies. For the first time in my life I’m being really sincere, I’m really sincere about you, I don’t plan on using you so….”
His voice trailed off immediately the waitress arrived with our order.
I kept my gaze low till they finished serving.
“You can eat” I heard him voice out.
I raised my eyes to the pasta, picked up the fork beside it and started eating.
Biting the pasta slowly and supporting it with my orange juice.
While he ate his and drank seriously from the vodka.
After a while we were done and he moved back to what he was saying but I shut him up by cutting in.
“CB, I believe all you’ve said but you see, I aren’t just ready for anything yet, I’m sorry, I don’t want to get your hopes up or sound rude but I think you should drop it here. I’m truly sorry about it.”
“I pray you find someone to take care of your kid since it’s urgent. I’m  sincerely sorry for turning you down again” I replied staring at him in the face.
He was surely disappointed, that disappointment and painful look was there but what can I do? 
I’ve realized his sincerity but I wish he can wait, if I tell him to wait, I might later change my mind so that’s why I don’t want to get his hopes up. 
“I’ll contact you personally CB, if there is anything” I added then stood up. 
“I’ll get going now” I said without starring at him then I left the restaurant in a haste.
I got into my car, drove few meters away then stopped.
After about twenty minutes I continued driving, driving through a road where cars don’t usually follow.
I feel really bad about what I did. I feel like going back to him, I feel like hugging him, I want to tell him yes, I’ll be your girlfriend and mother of your kid but just can’t.
I feel bad that he is like that. I can’t honestly believe I left him in that state, I thought as I drove slowly down the lonely road.
🍷 Charlie’s POV 🍷 
Already getting tipsy, I scoffed and stood up from the sit few minutes Rosanna just walked out on me. 
I got into my car still with my bottle of vodka. Yes I took it with me.
Again. It’s happened again.
I got rejected thrice by one person, I thought and chuckled.
I’m obviously losing my senses. 
Today Mike, my driver and guards aren’t with me. I paid them off handsomely.
I paid them to let me be today.
I drove out of the restaurant slowly driving with one hand and drinking with the other hand.
I wasn’t even seeing clearly on the road but I was sure I could get home. 
I started off about to take a turn but sighted her car, she was just ahead of me.
I turned towards her direction in a haste and started following her.
She wasn’t moving fast and the roads were dried of people.
I continued drinking from the vodka getting more tipsy as I did, but I cared less.
This rejection is like a killer. It’s hurt real bad. 
I continued following her up even if I didn’t no the reason myself, it’s like I felt like.
  👗  Rosanna’s POV 👗 
I saw a familiar car following me but wasn’t sure about it.
I continued driving and driving and after a while the car moved ahead of me and stopped in front of the road thereby stopping from moving.
I halted and got down immediately.
“Hey! What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I had to scream at whoever it is.
Then surprisedly Charlie stepped out of the car with a bottle of the drink he was drinking at the restaurant.
For some reasons i moved back a little bit, away from him. 
He looks wasted.
He rubbed his eyes then staggered towards me. I kept moving back till I got to my car.
“Cha.. Charlie?” I called getting scared, scared of his state.
“Hi princess” he said and chuckled like there was something funny.
He got closer to me and stopped then rubbed his eyes again.
“I got you now, didn’t I?” He sounded really drunk.
“You’’re drunk, you should head back…”
I was trying to advise when he got more closer to me.  
“I really liked you, it’s actually more than like, I think I’m in love with you but see what you did to me” he said sounding so depressed but instead he laughed.
Tears gathered up my eyes as I stared at him. I should have just accepted him. 
This is not the person I watch on TV, definitely.
He took a step closer to me again and I quickly opened my car door and got in.
This place is really deserted. I think I need to call someone to come pick him up. 
I made for my phone and was about to search my contact when he also got into the car and my heart skipped a beat.
“What..what are you doing?” I asked getting more scared.
I quickly moved to the driver’s sit, then to the back sit but I found him crawling after me.
My hand was still on the phone and I fearfully dialed just any number but the phone fell off my hand when he also followed me to the back sit.
TBC Rosanna and Charlie.
What do you think will happen next? 
Is Charlie out of his mind now?
Episode 14 
🍷Intimacy 🍷
👗[My Virgin Girlfriend] 👠
By: Blessing D writes
    😍Writer’s POV 😍  
Rosanna shook and watched CB. She doesn’t no what do anymore.
She watched Charlie draw closer to her.
“Cha..Charlie” she stuttered his name but didn’t no what else to say.
He got hold of her dark long her and sniffed the scent. She stayed cuddled up and continued watching him as he pull closer and closer.
Then his lips met her skin, he kissed and sucked on her skin like he has been denied of it for long.
“Cha..Charlie” she found herself stuttering his name for the second time.
“Pl..ease” she begged as if knowing what he could do that her in that state but unfortunately the real Charlie was far gone, the vodka was the one doing all this.
Slowly he made to undress her but she held onto her clothes tightly.
“No.. don’t do this” she pleaded again tears spilling from her eyes.
She was helpless. People gets stronger whenever they are drunk so she knows she surely can’t escape even if she tried to run.
Where will she even run to in that deserted area? 
He had her cornered real well.
Charlie succeeded in forcefully yanking her gown down to her abdomen.
In another minute,her bra was off and she was half narked.
Charlie fondled with her middle sized b*o*s. Hell, they were so soft and it’s felt good touching them.
Rosanna bite her bottom lips and shut her eyes as the feeling of what he is doing overwhelmed her.
She felt pleasure she has never felt before but she was extremely scared, scared of where he was headed.
Charlie kissed her breast line down to her abdomen then again succeeded in pulling away her dress.
Now her fears increased, it’s increased when she saw him undressing himself.
“No!! Charlie please don’t do this, I promise I will accept please don’t force it!” She pleaded and tried running away this time but he pulled her back without much effort, he has really gotten stronger probably because of the vodka. 
In that small space, he had her legs spread open and without wasting time, he yanked her pa*t off and forced himself into her.
She screamed immediately she felt him coming into her.
She screamed with all her strength for him to leave her but she was only wasting her damn time and strength. 
Then not to fast or too slow, he started thrusting in and out of her.
She gripped unto the car door as she felt agonizing pains in her V.  
Then the thrusts became fast and rough.
“Please…stop…”she continued pleading her tears spilling like rainfall.
“ you’re hurting me” she cried but nothing. It’s as if she was talking to a brick wall.
After a while she stopped crying, she already felt her hymen cut. She was no longer a virgin so why the stress? 
Charlie had her the way he wanted. Being the kind of womanizer he was, 30 minutes s*x doesn’t even satisfy him.
So he continued drilling her until he got really exhausted or should we say the devil using him that time got satisfied. By the time he stopped, it was already 12:34am the next day.
When he finally pulled out of her she has lost her strength and senses.
She couldn’t do more than crying. Then picking up his vodka drink, he left her there.
Next day.
    👠  Tara’s POV👠
“Doctor, how is she?” I inquired the doctor who just came out from Rosanna’s ward.
“She is gonna be okay. As you have said, she was raped and she substained injuries but they aren’t that much.” 
“She should be okay in the next 5 hours” he replied.
“You can go in and see her” he added then left.
I sighed and opened her ward door then got in. I wonder how it’s all happened.
She had dialed my number yesterday, I was a bit reluctant to pick it because she really annoyed me but I picked the calls anyways but couldn’t hear anything.
But I continued listening, I started hearing her faint voice, I heard when she was pleading with someone.
I didn’t really understand the real thing that was happening until I heard her call Charlie’s name then she screamed afterwards. That was when I knew that something was up.
I left the house Immediately tracking the call to no where she was then when I finally got there I saw her lying tiredly inside her car.
She has already been raped. It’s really unbelievable.
Why on Earth will Charlie rape her? Did she perhaps reject him again and he used that anger to sleep with her? 
I don’t just no but I brought her to the hospital anyways.
I got in and met her awake.
I sat down beside her on the bed and touched her.
“Girlfriend, I’m really sorry about this, Charlie really did this to you?” I apologized then asked but was answered by her sniffing.
She has been crying ever since.
“Ros,you have to speak….”
I was still saying when my phone started ringing and I picked it up. It’s one of our working colleagues.
📱 Hello, I mouthed.
📲 Please don’t tell me it really happened, did CB really force himself on Ros or is the video trending online Photoshopped? I heard her say.
I brought the phone down from my ear in shock then went online and was more shocked.
What the hell? A trending video about Charlie and Ros.
It’s showed Charlie holding a drink and approaching Ros, then he followed her into the car and..
The phone almost fell off my hand.
No…this is crazy, who is the bastard that uploaded this. Ros will really die if she sees this video.
Oh no! 
Who is the bastard!!?? Everything has gotten really messed up.
I stared at Ros who is still lying on the hospital bed, cuddled.
Oh my friend! This video is worst than the real thing.
I wonder what she is going to do now.
What do you think? Did Rosanna really deserve what Charlie did? 
How do you think CB will react on his own part when he realizes what he did?
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