Story: My Virgin Girlfriend – Episode 15 & 16

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Episode 15 
👗[My Virgin Girlfriend] 👠
By: Blessing D writes 
(Seeking for her forgiveness) 
     🍷  Charlie’s POV 🍷 
 I opened my eyes slowly but covered my face tho to the rays of sun coming in through the window. 
I winched and slowly got up but flinched when I noticed Mike standing there.
“Hey, what are you doing here, why are you in my room?” I inquired and rubbed my eyes.
He took few steps towards me and stopped. 
“What the hell happened? How did I get home last night?” I questioned standing up to get a bottle of water.
“Don’t you remember anything?” He inquired following me till I got to the fridge inside my room.
I opened the fridge, brought out a bottle water and gulped a little out of it.
“What happened?” I asked and fixed the brim of the bottle water in between my lips when last night memories started coming into my head.
I brought down the bottle water  immediately, with my eyes widely opened, I turned to Mike.
“What happened?” I half yelled afraid of what I remembered.
“If you’re acting this way, that means you already recalled what you did last night” he replied simply and the bottle slipped from my hand.
“No, it’s a lie, my memory has to be wrong” I shook my head.
“It’s true CB, the news is all over the place, you forced yourself last night on Rosanna” he added to my fear.
“No! It’s not possible, I didn’t no any of those” I denied.
Then he brought my phone closer to me.
“Do you mind logging into any of your social media accounts then, cause I don’t understand the reason why I will lie about such things, you clearly remembered it too, I didn’t force that memory into your head” he said with a strict tone.
My heart sank into my chest.
Oh my..did I really do that? Why? 
Why did I do it? I questioned myself as I went to the bed slowly and sat on it.
“Oh no..” I mumbled not knowing what to think again or do.
“And the worst’s turns out that she is a virgin, most of your fans are so angry at you” he added.
“But why didn’t you stop me? Why was I not stopped?” I half yelled feeling really bad. 
“Don’t you remember you made us leave you yesterday? Non of us followed you like we used to because you really bribed us, who could have thought you could do such a thing in one night?” He scolded.
“But..but how is she? I mean where is she?” I asked staring at him.
“She is in a hospital,where she is being treated” he answered.
“Oh no..I’m…sure she hates me now, how could I make everything worst? What got into me?” I kept asking myself.
“What should I do Mike? You’ve got to help me, I can’t have her hating me” I said with pleading eyes.
“Like I’ve said before, a lot of your fans are so angry at you, first you’ll start by apologizing to her and second by apologizing to the general public” he stated.
“The public is not my problem, I’ve seriously gat to see her” I retorted.
“Of course but there is a little problem” he said.
“What is it?” I inquired.
“A lot of reporters, should I say millions of reporters are gathered at the gate, ready to kill anyone that steps out of here with questions” he explained and I sighed.
“Then how do I get out? I need to get out of here.”
“Well, luckily your father has employed more guards to help prevent the reporters from breaking down the gate and one more thing…the cops came” he said.
Of course it’s expected, they’re bond to come but they aren’t my problem.
“Your father again paid them off, it took a while and millions but they left anyways” he added.
“But..Mike, how come everyone knows about this, I can remember a little that there wasn’t a single soul on the street,so how did it happen?” I asked.
“Well, there was a survalliance camera there of the people in charge…”
“Survalliance camera?” I cut him in.
“Yes, the person released the video online, we are currently tracking the individual down” he stated.
“Okay, but I still need to get out of here, I need to see her” I reminded.
“I know, I’m gonna look for a way to distract them. I will drive out with one of your cars and two other cars from behind, the reporters will tend to run after your car which will make it possible for you to sneak out through the back door with just a car” he explained and I nodded.
“Good, get on with it” I urged and he left.
I went into the bathroom and quickly had my bath with my heart pounding.
Gosh I’m really scared. I’ve never been this scared before.
How could I have done that to her? 
I can hear her voice in my head, asking me to stop.
Why didn’t I stop? Why? I’m such an idiot.
Did I do this because she rejected me a third time?  
I really like her, but I’ve just made her hate me. 
I usually solve problems with money, I know even money can’t deal with this stuff. I’ll have to try my best so she will forgive me even if it’s the last thing I do.
I will keep trying, I will try not to mess up the way I did last night.
I got out to my room, put on a new dress and came out to the sitting room.
Mike left with my car which distracted the crowd then I took the backyard route out. 
I unlocked my phone, checked for the name of the hospital and saw the name.
My dad’s private hospital. 
I drove at a high speed and got there in no time.
There were reporters and a little crowd outside the hospital.
I brought out my black face car which I took and wore it on. Then I dressed my sweater to cover my face, tucked my hands into my trouser pocket and stepped down from the car.
 With my head bent, I walked into the hospital. The crowd didn’t bother to look at me, they probably think I’m just some random guy.
I didn’t stop at the receptionist office but headed straight to my dad’s doctor office. He revealed her ward number to me and I started searching for the number. As I walked my heart beat increases in fear and nervousness.
I don’t no how she is going to react seriously, but I hope she forgives me someday. 
Then finally I stopped in front of her ward which was guarded by two different guards.
They made to stop me from entering but luckily the ward door opened and her friend came out. Not that I know her very well but when I searched up about Ros, I came to understand that they are best of friends.
“Who are you? ” She asked glaring at me.
“I need to see Rosanna” I replied instead changing my voice.
She stared at me suspiciously.
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“Are you one of those reporters? If yes then I’m afraid you can’t see her, she doesn’t even want visitors” she folded her  hands and said. The guards were still ready to drag me away.
I looked right and then left to realize there went in coming people then I pulled down the cap which revealed my face.
Her mouth fell open immediately.
“CB!!” She shriked and placed her hands on her mouth.
“Yes, now can you let me see her?” 
Hmm what do you think will happen? 
Will Rosanna allow CB to talk to her? 
Do you think Rosanna can ever forgive CB if at all she hates him? 
Episode 16 
👗[My Virgin Girlfriend] 👠
By: Blessing D writes 
(The bastard)
   👠Tara’s POV 👠 
I didn’t expect to see Charlie. I thought it was some random guy or even a reporter that wants to sneak into her ward room.
“Yes, now can you let me see her?” He requested.
“Um..I..I’ll go talk to her first about it CB, lemme ask her” I replied him and immediately opened the ward door and got in.
I went to sit beside Rosanna. Tho she is no longer crying but she still has that dull face on, she haven’t spoken anything about the incident and I in turn haven’t told her about the leakage of the video to the general public.
“Ros” I called. 
She didn’t blink or even turn to look at me but I continued.
“C..C..” I found it hard calling his name since he is the very reason she is this way. I really pity her.
“CB is here, should I let him in?” I finally spilled out.
At the mention of CB, her brows raised to stare at my face but in a very dangerous way. Immediately I could tell that she doesn’t wanna see him.
I stood up.
‘I’ll go tell him that you are sleeping” I said and left.
I got to the door but found it hard opening it. How do I lie to him? Will he notice? I wondered but opened it reluctantly.
“Um..She is sleeping and…”
“She doesn’t wanna see me” he cut me in and I gulped.
“ she’s just..”
“If she was asleep you could have let me know the moment I requested to see her cause you just came out from her ward” he cut me in again putting me in a tight corner.
He is not only handsome. He is smart.
“Ye..yes, she doesn’t wanna see you” I replied coyly and he nodded.
“I knew it will be difficult anyways, but I’ll still earn her forgiveness” he said softly before turning back.
For a second, I pitted him too. He has always been rejected, maybe that’s why he did it out of depression.
I watched him as he disappeared through the hospital corridor. I sighed, opened the ward door and got in back. 
I noticed her mood changed a bit. She looks more dull than ever.
I hope she gets over it on time. 
She has lot of deals with companies. Lots of endorsement deals. She can’t afford to miss this opportunity that will make her really wealthy. 
  🍷 Charlie’s POV 🍷 
I got outside the hospital totally forgetting to put on my face cap. 
I forget because I couldn’t get my mind off her, it pains so much that she doesn’t wanna see me but I don’t blame her but blame my stupid self.
How could I be so foolish to do that to her? Even if I was drunk, I shouldn’t have. I should have just head straight to my house and deal with the rejection the way I’ve always done.
I shouldn’t have done that to do. I just shouldn’t have, I’m so mad at myself. If at all there is a way I can just avenge her, I will just do it but that means hurting my own self. 
“Isn’t that CB?” I heard voices ask and I raised my head to stare at the crowd there.
Immediately they started rushing to me taking pictures with their cameras.
I was quick to rush to my car and I got in but got stuck. They blocked the way. 
I quickly brought out my phone and called Mike. 
I instructed him to come with the guards then I ended the call and placed my hands on the wheels. I rested my head on my hands in sadness and depression.  
The crowd kept hitting and trying to get my attention but I tried to remove my mind from my surroundings.
Just 20 minutes later the guards arrived, they helped in moving the crowd away and i drove off immediately. 
I got home and made to head to my room straight but was stopped by Ria.
“Dad, what is happening? I can’t go to school, why are a lot of people outside the gate?” She questioned but I was not where ready to say anything to her.
I’m afraid I might scare her the more. I turned to look at Mike who was just coming in after me. 
“Can you just help in telling her anything?” I asked and even before he say anything I left to my room.
“Dad! Dad!!” She kept calling but I couldn’t turn back to look at her.
After some minutes Mike got into my room.
“Mike” I called immediately.
“Can you take Ria later to the mansion I bought for her months ago? I don’t want her here for now, take her there, at least it will distract her a bit” I requested.
“ bought it as a gift for her,for her birthday gift which is just two weeks away” he said.
“I know, just do it, I’ll look for something else to gift her with” I snapped. 
“Okay, anyways I just received a text that the man that leaked the video out has been caught, he is been brought here and in…”
He stopped talking when we heard a knock at the door. He went to answer it then he came back.
The man has been brought here and he is in the basketball court, he stated.
“He? You mean the bastard?”
“Yes” he confirmed.
I got up Immediately and left for the court.  
I got there to see him on his knees, about three guards were with him. One was holding a torture rod, an electric one.
“Give that to me” I stretched my hand towards the one with the rod and he turned to look at Mike first, Mike shook his head for him to give me the iron and he did.
I collected it and without wasting of time hit him hard on the back with it.
“Hey, you shouldn’t kill him” Mike immediately collected the iron from me. 
The man kept yelling in pains. I don’t care if he is in his forties. I just wish to kill him. 
But I saw a bottle with the nearest guard beside me, I snatched it from him and smashed his head with the bottle. The bottle broke into pieces, blood rushed out from his head and he fainted immediately. 
“Charlie, you really shouldn’t be doing this with your own hands, if the news gets out, I’m afraid you will get arrested even if billions of dollars are spent to bribe them” Mike said but I wasn’t listening to him.
I stared at the man’s unconscious body on the floor with hate and anger.
I’m angry at myself, just looking for who to relieve my anger on, but it’s seems not be working out, I know what to do.
I left the basketball court and got into one of my cars.
“Charlie, where are you going?” I heard Mike asking after me as he got into another car.
Not caring if there were much people outside, I left, headed to somewhere.
TBC Charlie
Where do you think he is going again?  

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