Story: My Virgin Girlfriend – Episode 21 & 22

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Episode 21 
🍷Intimacy 🍷
👗[My Virgin Girlfriend] 👠
By: Blessing D writes. 
(Going to approach her)
 Two days later.
    👗Rosanna’s POV 👗 
I dressed up real good and picked up my hand bag. Today I’ll resume my work. I won’t keep on hiding indoors.
It won’t do me any good. 
I got out to the sitting to see Tara also ready to go.
“Let’s go” I coed and started walking out and she followed me from behind.
“Lemme drive” she offered as I was about getting into the driver’s side.
I allowed her in and went to the passenger sit and sat down. She started the car and slowly drove out of the house.
The net has been filled with our news, our photos. CB and I.
Every lips talks about us, that am sure of. Not really about the rape video but because of the fact that we are dating – funny. 
They believed what Mike has told them alongside the pictures. Who wouldn’t believe? It has been rumoured even before this incident that we might be dating so this is actually like a prove to all that, a prove that it’s true.
I even received a text from CB yesterday but didn’t bother to open the message. I’m not just ready for him.
I don’t want to see him or involve myself with him really. 
“Are you sure about this?” Tara’s voice broke into my thoughts and I looked at her.
She looked outside and I followed her eyes to see that we have already the company.
“Of course” I replied simply and opened the car door, then stepped out.
Not like I killed someone. I shouldn’t be hiding, I did nothing wrong. 
She followed after me as we walked into the company. As expected every eyes fell on me. It was as if there was something on my face that they were staring at.
They all just kept saying and mumbling some even approached me but being in no mood for that I ignored all of them and walked into the elevator.
Pressed the floor number that I’m heading too and soon found myself in the shooting room. 
I am supposed to model for a new industry in town that produces cream. 
“Rosa” I heard Tara whisper to me. I took my eyes to where she was staring at and saw one of the biggest industry manager approaching us. 
The woman got to us and stopped. “We have been expecting you to show up Miss. Can we grab a cup of coffee now? I have a proposal for you” she offered staring at me and I staring back at her.
*Four hours later* 
“So, are you gonna be doing the interview tomorrow?” Tara asked creaming her body.
“Obviously, I have to, the offer is too big to reject” I replied her.
The woman had asked me to become the brand model for their company, the pay is 30 million Dollars. 
But it’s comes with the condition that I’ll have to clear things up on air tomorrow, that means I’ll have to agree to everything Mike had said, then I’ll officially become the model. I might end up changing industry.
So, I agreed to it. I wouldn’t dare reject such offer. With that amount of money, I’ll be ranking one of the richest models.
That’s a life time opportunity and I’ll do it. 
   🍷 Charlie’s POV 🍷 
📱So, she went to work today? 
📲 Yes Charlie, she came to work and I heard that she is gonna be having an interview tomorrow. I bet she is going to confirm my statement. She has to.
📱Okay, thanks for letting me no, i think I’ll be approaching her tomorrow.
📲Okay, but be careful,still taking care of things here at the company. 
I dropped the call and sighed. Tomorrow I’ll make sure to see her, since she went to work today, it’s only means she’s ready to get back to her normal life but why isn’t she replying my message.
Is she still that mad? I thought sadly and sighed. 
I hopes she gives me a listening ear tomorrow tho. 
TBC Charlie
What do you think? Charlie is gonna be facing Rosanna again after that night.
Do you think Rosanna will even want to listen to what CB has to say even for the tiniest minutes?  
Episode 22 
🍷Intimacy 🍷
👗[My Virgin Girlfriend] 👠
By: Blessing D writes 
(His a jerk)
       👗 Rosanna’s POV 👗  
I woke up early and prepared for the interview. I don’t no but I am kind of really nervous about the whole thing.
Imagine facing the cameras and lying to the whole world about myself, something I had to suffer for.
But It’s fine since it’ll help me move on and forget it ever happened. 
I applied little makeup and put my hair and every other thing in order. 
I carried my clutch and walked out into the living room to see Matthew and Tara. They were both gonna be following me there in case of crazy fans or reporters.
“Are you guys ready?” I still inquired to be sure.
“Yes, let’s go, it’s almost time for the interview” Tara responded, headed for the door.
We followed after her and got out. She locked the door while I unlocked my car and was about getting in with Matthew when a familiar car drove into the compound.
I quickly hastened my pace and got into the car not ready to be seen by whoever drove in.
I waited for the car to park so I could drive out but then the car stopped right at the entrance which means I can’t drive out.
“Hey, get out of the way, can’t you see you’re blocking the entrance” Tara yelled staring at the car.
The door opened and surprising the least person I expected to see came down from the car.
My heart stopped beating as I stared at him from the car.
The last time I saw him was that night,that night it’s all happened.
He has already seen me and he was looking directly at me. 
Tara didn’t say a word again.
Matthew quickly came down from the car but I couldn’t, I remained there feeling so uneasy.
I shouldn’t be feeling this way, he doesn’t look bothered or anything so why should I feel this way? I thought trying to get my head straight but then the memories of that night flashed at me.
“What are you doing here Mr…what name should I call you? The rapist or..the liar?” Matthew mocked walking closer to him but he pretended as if there was no one else there aside me.
“Matthew you should stop, stop it” Tara warned Matt.
Matthew made to hold Charlie’s shirt probably angry that Charlie pretended not to hear a word he has said when his car doors opened and two of his guards stepped out and made to drag Matthew away from Charlie but Charlie stopped the guards then whispered something to Matt.
In anger Matthew left Charlie and moved away from him.
Charlie started approaching my car , I fixed my hand in the door handle and pushed it open then stepped out of the car.
He ran his eyes all over me.
“What do you want?” I fired at him before he could complete his sentence.
“I just wanna talk” he replied calmly.
“I don’t wanna talk, I have an important place to be” I rolled my eyes at him and said.
“Please..I won’t take your time, look at your left and right, there are people actually watching us, I no where you’re going, don’t give them another impression, I promise I won’t take your time” he cooed and I looked around to see some of the house occupant staring at us from their windows and from the sides. 
“Five minutes” I groaned, opened the car and got in.
He got in from the other side.
“Be fast, you still have the nerve to threaten me with people watching us Charlie, you are so unbelievable” I half yelled and folded my hands.
I heard him sigh.
“I just wanna apologize actually” he started.
“I don’t need it, I don’t need you to feel pity for me, I don’t expect that from you” I retorted.
“Why? You think am a demon? Of course I have a heart and you no what happened, I was drunk, I never meant to hurt you, I could actually hurt myself than to hurt you” he continued.
“Liars” came out of my mouth before I could hold myself.
“I don’t no how but I wish I can actually open my heart for you to see that I’m being honest here. I’m not joking or lying about the fact that I love you and I still do but right now all I ask is for your forgiveness, I have learnt my lessons too, I won’t ever fall in love again to avoid making the same mistake. I have never forced myself on someone before, I never planned to, you gat to forgive and believe me Ros, I’m being really sincere and I could prove it to you welther you give me the chance or not. I will prove to you that I never meant to hurt you, I regret hurting you that time, I will prove that I have never loved any lady the way I love you so…”
“Get out, your five minutes are over” I cut him in.
“You promised, out!! Enough with your stories, the truth is I don’t wanna have anything to do with you anymore Charlie Bran, it’s enough” I looked at him and said.
“Okay,I’ll leave but before I do so, take this” he said and dropped a card beside me. I hope to see you there, he concluded, upended the car and got out.
Then he went straight to his car and left.
When I saw that he has finally left, I let out the tears that I have been holding. I didn’t wanna cry in front of him.
His a jerk! I hate him for making things this complicated.  
Does she really hate him?

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