Story: My Virgin Girlfriend – Episode 3 & 4

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Episode 3 
🍷Intimacy 🍷
👗[My Virgin Girlfriend]👠
By: Blessing D writes
(It’s CB)
    👟Charlie’s POV👟
She cat walked towards me with silly smiles.
I kept my eyes fixed on her big sized b*o*s and her V.
Damn they looked so appetizing.
When she got to me, she placed one knee on the bed beside me then bent down a bit and started kissing me.
I reciprocated the kiss and she worked on my shirt, she pulled even the cap and all off.
Then you no the rest. 
     👠 Rosanna’s POV 👠  
We walked into the company room just in time. 
The showcase is just getting started.
Tara and I sat side by side and watched the whole show.
Hours later. 
“Ros, if you’re asked to wish for something, what could that be?” Tara asked me as we walked down the road after the showcase.
“Um..that will be to get wealthy” I answered her.
“What about you? What will be your wish?” I asked her.
“Well, to get to be with the love of my life” she replied and placed her hands on her chest dreamily.
“Huh, and who could that be?” I inquired.
“Well, its CB, he is really really dreamily, just watching his shows and watching him perform live is the best thing ever, I wish to hold him…I wish to be with him, I wish…”
She was still saying when I left her.
She must have lost it, how can she be dying for someone she barely knows? Someone that doesn’t even no if she exits or not.
I know we all like him, I also like him and I find him handsome but geez, I can never give up my pride for him, not someone like him.
I heard he has slept with a whole lot of celebrities, he even got a daughter without a wife, the girl’s mom is even currently married to someone else.
Geez, I can’t dream about him the way most of my colleague does.
“Hey Ros, wait up” I heard her scream as she ran up to me while I increased my walking pace so she will not meet up with me.
“Come on, wait up” she half yelled and held my arm.
“How could you be so cruel to leave me?” She asked making a puppy face.
“Because you’ve finally lost it upstairs, you have loss your brains to CB” I replied rolling my eyes.
“Come on, everything I said is true, every damn thing I said is true, why are you pretending as if you’re a saint, I know you think about him late at night” she grinned with a dirty wink which almost made me puke.
I hit her on the head and left her there again.
She is really crazy.
 🍷 Charlie’s POV 🍷 
“My prince charming, you are the best” she giggled happily as I put on my clothes.
She was still lying on the bed narked.
I didn’t reply her until I was done.
“You are also good but you’ve gat to put more effort next time” I said in a non mocking way.
“Mike will settle you once I leave this room he is gonna come in” I told her and made to leave but paused.
Hold on.
I turned to look at her with a straight face.
“You mustn’t disclose what happened between us both to anyone and don’t get pregnant because I’ll force you to abort it, so you better take care of yourself” I said sternly then finally left.
I can’t afford having another kid.
No, Ria is enough for me. 
They are troublesome and hard to control. 
Immediately I stepped out of the room I saw mike there.
I knew he also followed me here.
“Just settle her very well and make sure to warn her to take pregnancy pills, I can’t afford having another child from a different person” I said to him then left him before he could even reply.
 I got out of the hotel, then to my car. Got in then drove out.
   👗 Rosanna’s POV 👗
We were still cat walking on the road when suddenly Tara screamed.
“What? What??” I asked looking at the direction she is pointing at.
“Its CB, Ros its CB” she pointed to a sport car driving at a slow pace about to divert to our direction.
I starred carefully at the car as its finally diverted and before I could say anything to Tara she already left my side with speed then ran to the incoming car, she stood in the middle of the road which made the car stop.
Its really him.
By now, everyone around had already seen him and were rushing to his car which had stopped.
Tara was already at the window side of the car trying to open the door.
She is over crazy.
You might be wondering how we got to no that he is the one, well he rides this particular sport car and the glass window was won down which made us see him. 
A lot of people crowded the car and for few minutes he remained stuck in that position until he opened the door slowly and stepped out looking so magnificent.
“Wow” I wowed at the cute figure up ahead of me.
Episode 4
🍷Intimacy 🍷
👗[My Virgin Girlfriend]👠
By: Blessing D writes 
(I really love him)
     👗Rosanna’s POV👗 
More people rushed towards him and before you know it, they made it impossible for me to see him.
Was echoing everywhere but that didn’t last long. I tried moving closer to them, to see if I could stare at him at a close range but a car pulled over behind us and they turned out to be his guards. 
They started pushing the crowd away from him and soon, they got into their cars and left. 
“Oh my gee!!!” Tara screamed as she came towards me.
“Ros!! Ros!!!” She continued screaming, then she jumped on me almost making us fall down.
“Those silly guards, you won’t believe CB was about writing a cheque for most of us because those idiotic guards came and disrupted everything.”
“All my efforts didn’t really go to waste tho, I got to see him, I got to stare at his delicious face, do you know what that means Ros?!!” She kept on screaming and dancing.
Geez, she is really happy, meaning she’s crazy over.
“Do you really like him that much?” I was forced to ask.
“Of course, I love him, I really love him” she answered placing both hands on her chest.
I shook my head, then smiled as we continued going.
“You really crazy tho, look at the way you jumped in front of his car, what if he was drunk and couldn’t control the brake? Then he could have hit you” I said to her.
“Well, I’ll be happy to die by his hands” she replied giggling.
“You’re really crazy” I rolled my eyes at her then continued on my way, leaving her behind.
     👟Mike’s POV👟 
“Charlie, are you okay at all? Why on heaven’s sake will you come down from your car when the guards aren’t there, do you want to get killed by those crazy fans?” I questioned with my eyes widely opened.
“So what? I should stay stuck in the car? You want me to suffocate to death there? That was the only way and beside why weren’t you guys close enough to stop it when they weren’t that much? You arrived late and you’re here blaming me?” He asked back. 
“So, you’re blaming us now? Do you remember you told us off earlier? Or did you suddenly develop brain cancer?” I asked in a mockery manner.
“Hey, are you nuts? Are you insulting?”
“F*k*ng get your disgusting a* off my car right this instant” he yelled but I stayed where I was.
“You can yell all you want CB, I aren’t getting down from this car” I replied relaxing my head on the chair.
He huffed, then ignored me and continued driving away.  
Two days later.
     🍷Charlie’s POV🍷 
“So what are my schedules for today Mike?” I asked sipping from the glass of red wine in front of me.
“CB, your contract with DN fashion industry is today, since you’ve agreed to be their model for a whole week, you’ll have to go over there today to seal the contract with them” Mike replied me.
“Today? How come its today, I thought it was next week?” I asked confused.
“Well yea your work there fully starts next week but you’ve got to seal the contract first, I could have gone to seal it but the contract requires only your signature” he answered.
“Hmm okay, so what time is it?” I inquired.
“In an hour time, have some rest till then, one of your ex works there as a model, I heard a lot of models there are crazy about you so…”
“Who isn’t?” I cut him in with a proud grin.
This is gonna be fun, maybe I’ll be able to get another sweetheart from there, models are very attractive, I thought aloud.
“That’s what you’re perfect in anyways, screwing attractive ladies” I heard him mumble as he stepped out of my office.
     👗Rosanna’s POV👗 
I was in the dressing room selecting a dress for my next shoot when Tara ran to me.
“This is huge Ros, this is huge, I heard CB is gonna be coming over in less than an hour to seal a deal with our company, I’m sad, I don’t have a suitable dress here, what should I do? Should I borrow the company’s clothes?” Tar rushed her words making me a bit confused.
“Coming over? Why? I thought it was next week?” I inquired.
“Yes but he has to sigh some papers first babe, what should I put on?” She answered then started running around like a mad person.
She came back with two dresses and asked which one is more suitable, I picked one out for her then she ran to the restroom to put on the dress.
She was not the only one in a haste to put on a dress, other models were rushing up and down changing into different dresses.
Wow! I wowed starring as the whole place turned upside down with noise.
Close to an hour later.
Tara who had put on a new dress, new makeup, repacked her hair came to me.
“He is here Ros, he has arrived, come let’s go see him” she said and grabbed my hand running out of the room we were in.
My shooting is about starting but I’ll go see him for some minutes.
We got to the entrance of the building where everyone had already gathered up, waiting for him to step into the building and its didn’t take long before he showed up with his guards looking so so adorable.
Immediately my colleagues rushed to embrace him but as expected the guards didn’t let them come close.
The guards kept paving way for him to pass and they succeeded, they got him into an elevator and we didn’t see him again.
Some people went after him using the stairs and some waited for the elevator to reopen so they could also go up.
I sighed happily and took the second elevator to the shooting floor.
Its okay. I managed to see him two times in a week, that’s okay.
He is extremely handsome. No wonder Tara and the others are crazy about him. 
He is really lucky too, for someone that makes people do crazy things for him, he is really lucky.
Few minutes later I arrived at my destination. 
But I got to no that the shooting has been pushed to an hour later.
I sighed then left for the restroom to ease myself and to see if my dress and makeup are still okay. 
But the restroom is in the third floor. 
I pressed opened the elevator and was about to step in when I realized someone or some people were in the elevator.
I raised my head to look at them and my heart sank deep into my stomach in shock.
I opened my mouth and stepped backwards.
I can’t believe who is standing in front of me.
Its…its CB and he was only with his manager.
His eyes remained fixed on me as I moved backwards.
Its impossible, I can’t possibly be in the same elevator with him. 
Is this a dream or what? I thought still there.
“What are you waiting for? Aren’t you getting in?” I heard a very sweet calm voice ask, then I realized it.
He just talked to me.
What? A superstar? World’s best song writer and musician is talking to me?
This must be a dream.
What will happen next?
Will she get into the elevator? Improve on your likes.

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