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Episode 25 
👗[My Virgin Girlfriend]👠
By: Blessing D writes 
    👗 Rosanna’s POV 👗 
I sauntered into the sitting room with my mind somewhere else.
“Ros, how come you’re just getting back? Do you no what time is it? It’s almost midnight, where have you been?” Matt ranted coming to stand in front of me.
“Matt, I need you to go back home, go stay with Mom” I told him simply and walked passed him but then uncounted Tara who was just coming out from the kitchen.
“Ros!! Where have you been…”
“Tara, I don’t have good clothes right, get ready, we’re going shopping tomorrow” I cut her off and said.
Matthew and Tara kept staring at me without uttering a word again, they watched me go into my room.
They are probably wondering what’s up with me.
Yeah, what’s really up with me? 
Fast forward.
   🙄 Writer’s POV 🙄 
Preparation for little Ria’s birthday party was ongoing at her new mansion.
Gifts were already prepared for her by Charlie, her grandparents, Mike and a whole lot of other people. Charlie prepared a brand new girlish sport car worth billions of dollars.
A lot of people weren’t invited, just Ria’s classmates, some of their teachers and few other celebrities.
The whole place was beautifully decorated. Loud music was playing.
Ria in her new room was being dressed up by her stylist.
After clothing her with her pink Barbie dress, a crown was worn on her tiny head to make her a perfect princess.
Her heels weren’t left out, even her princess bag. 
After all those preparing, it was time for the occasion to fully begin.
Ria didn’t forget to take her doll with her, reasons why she can’t do without the doll are still unknown. 
Charlie was sited at the bar side with a champagne in his right hand trying his best to get along with other celebrities that graced his daughter’s birthday.
He didn’t forget the mom stuff, he has left finding a mom for Ria in Mike’s hand and he is expecting Mike to come with any random lady and introduce her to him first but Mike wasn’t doing so.
At a point, he became a bit worried, he excused himself from there and went to a corner to call Mike.
Mike picked the call at the second ring and Charlie asked him about the fake mom.
Mike told him not to worry that he has it under control. 
After hearing this Charlie calmed down.
He made to walk back into the mansion but got hooked up by Ria who ran to him.
“Daddy, when is Mom coming? I’m about to cut my cake, I don’t wanna do it without her” her tiny voice came out.
He squatted down to her and touched her hair gently.
“She will be here soonest sweetheart, don’t worry, I think the traffic is delaying…..”
“She’s here already” CB got interrupted by Mike.
He raised his head to stare at him.
“Where is she?” He asked running his eyes all over him because he couldn’t find anyone beside him.
Mike let out a smirk and stepped to a side revealing the incoming queen of the day.
Rosanna of course.
Dressed in a very pretty pink ball gown, just like the one Ria’s is putting on.
With her clutch and her six inches gold heels. 
Charlie’s mouth fell open as he slowly raised to his feet. Shock is a word that can’t define how he felt at that moment. He also felt happy and very relieved.
Rosanna walked closer to Charlie, but he stood transfixed watching her.
They didn’t even mind the cameras clicking everywhere. 
“Hi Charlie Bran, nice meeting you again” She said extending her hand for a handshake.
He kept staring at the extended hand. He couldn’t believe it.
Then slowly he took her hand into his and welcomed her.
She let out a light smile which got Charlie’s heart pounding.
The last time he had gone to see her, he didn’t get a chance to talk to her and here she is acting as if they were good.
It’s just so unbelievable.
“Dad! Dad!!” Ria’s voice came out, she was dragging his leather pants.
He looked down at her immediately.
“Is she the one? Is this my mom?” Ria questioned curiously.
Charlie took his eyes to look at Ros wondering what he was gonna reply his daughter but Rosanna helped him out.
“Hi honey, you look so beautiful, I’m sorry it took this long to come” she beamed smiles at Ria.
Ria’s eyes widened and she immediately ran into her arms.
Rosanna carried her up and embraced her.
Happiness filled the entire place.
Charlie kept staring as Ria showed all her classmates and teachers her mom, the little girl’s happiness were out of the world. She has never been this happy before,even when Charlie gifted the mansion to her.
Charlie looked down at the floor and saw the teddy she always held.
He picked it up and stared at it confused. She left her doll? He thought and sighed.
I guess because she found new company, Charlie thought and smiled then his eyes went to Mike.
What could he have done without him? Absolutely nothing.
He can’t believe Mike still managed to convince and bring Rosanna after all.
He is more than a brother and he’ll be forever indebted to him. 
The party went on and on and finally stopped in the midnight.
Rosanna stayed with Ria all through the day and even at night. She only got freed from her when the little girl fell asleep.
Rosanna sighed tired from the day’s activities and made to leave for her apartment but was stopped by Charlie.
“You can’t go home now, it’s 12:30 in the morning, there are a lot of rooms here, you can sleep in either of them” CB said and Rosanna stopped and looked at her watch. She doesn’t even what time it was.
“Um…okay” she replied simply and made to walk pass him but Charlie stopped her.
“Thanks for coming, I didn’t expect to see you after…”
“Yeah, it’s okay, I changed my mind after all. I like your daughter, she’s lovely” Rosanna cut in not wanting to hear horrible things that could make her sad.
“Okay” he shook his head and said.
“So, have you forgiven me?” He went on and asked.
“Silly. If I haven’t forgiven you, I wouldn’t be here” she answered him and he let out a smile.
“Thanks” he thanked almost in a whisper and she nodded and walked pass him.
Days passed. Weeks passed. 
It got to a month.
To fully act as Ria’s mom, Rosanna had to stay in the same house with them – Charlie’s house.
Rosanna takes Ria to school everyday, leaves work and bring her back during closing.
Cooks for her, bath her, Ria’s nannies eventually stopped working.  
Charlie watched all these. He didn’t make a move towards her.
They just greeted each other normally, went on with their business.
But Charlie kept watching her.
Three months passed nothing happened. Everything kept moving well until Charlie decided on it.
He can’t continue leaving that way, he can’t continue watching her, he has gat to stop and do the needful, so with Mike’s help, he bought a diamond ring.
And surprised Rosanna by asking her to marry him.
Rosanna was beyond shocked. They didn’t even date or anything, at a point she thought he has given up on her but here he was asking her to become his wife.
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Rosanna accepted firstly, because she doesn’t just like him now, she has gotten to no him better too and she has fallen in love with him. 
Two, because she has fallen in love with Ria and Ria with her. She can’t think of leaving Ria for a day, it’s no longer possible for her.
Then just a month later, he got married to her officially.
Rosanna became Mrs Rosanna Bran.
Great right?
And that brings us to the end of this wonderful short story. 
Who will miss it?
What part of this story will you always remember? Your comments determines if you love the story.
Thanks for staying with me, may the good Lord bless you all.

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