Temilade Kosoko reveals how her prank wedding went viral and what she gain in return

By: Sarkolee / September 19th, 2022 / 73 views

Temilade Kosoko, an actress and skit creator, aroused interest a few weeks ago when she shared wedding images and videos on her social media platforms.

This caused a flurry of excitement among enthusiasts.

Many of her supporters mistakenly believed the photos to be from her real wedding and wrote her supportive messages.

Temilade, a veteran actor Jide Kosoko’s daughter, later clarified that it was not a legitimate wedding.

Regarding the effects of the “prank wedding,” Kosoko said that she amassed a sizable online following.

“It made me have more followers, especially on Facebook. Before now, I had just a thousand followers on Facebook, and after the prank, I have 20,000 followers. People like ‘amebo’ (gossip),” she told Punch.

She added that having a well-known parent in the business has certain drawbacks. She stated:

Inasmuch as it is something to be proud of that my dad is a celebrity, it is also disturbing because some people pick on one because they think one is privileged. It is sad that some people see being poor as badge that they have to carry about. I get a lot of hate comments; people being jealous of me for no reason. And, I keep asking, ‘What did I do wrong’? I am a jovial person, but people think I am proud. Those are some of the challenges I face.”