Ten states in Nigeria that you can get good Job Fast NYSC

After NYSC, is challenging, and it can be very rough, especially in Nigeria when you don’t know where to start from. You need to pray to God and look for opportunities around. Some of these states might be a good place to start from, since we have more opportunities there like;
1. Lagos: Even without being told, Lagos is number one Economic state in Nigeria. Nigeria seaport and international Airports are there. Almost all the mega companies in Nigeria have headquarters in Lagos. There are many industries and The government parastatals in Lagos. There is saying that when you want fish go to Ocean and not market. Lagos is the ocean of Labour Market in Nigeria. After NYSC, Lagos is the place to get a job fast.
2. Abuja: Abuja the Federal Capital of Nigeria, it is a civil servant state. The senator, Honourable representing you are base in Abuja and most of them hardly come home. The Presidents, Ministers, Secretary to Federal Government and other top Government officials are based there. If you want quick connection on getting your dream job, Abuja is the perfect place after NYSC. Immediately after NYSC is even advisable to register with federal civil service commission. So that in case of vacancy, you will be called. Some Persons get a job with Federal Government by registry with Federal Civil Service Commission.
3. Kano: it is like the commerce City in the northern Nigeria. Kano state economy is good, and there is high demand of teachers in Kano. You can even start a business in Kano, after NYSC. Because the cost of living is low.
4. Ogun: Ogun is a neighbouring state to Lagos. Some people even work in Lagos but stay in Ogun. Some big companies are also located in Ogun state You can be looking for a job and at the same time be doing business. Teaching is of high demand in Ogun.
5. Katsina: Katsina State is also one of the few states in North you can get job fast. The cost of living is low, and as a Cooperation who is looking for something to do immediately after NYSC, Here is a good place to start. If you are good with ICT, it is of high demand in this state and you have a chance of getting a good job.
6. Portharcourt: One of the oils rich states in the south, and in this state, we have oil companies. Although the cost of living is very high, It is a place to get a job. If you have someone to stay with while you get something to do go ahead.
7. Akwa Ibom: it is one of the fastest growing state in South South, its economy is also very good. Restaurant, Electronics business sell very well in this town. There are also many vacancies in The oil firm, teaching and banking sector. Good place to start a life.
8. Adamawa: Adamawa State is one of the few states in North East where you have a high chance to get something doing. The state is very peaceful, and you have no worries. Teaching is of high demand in this state, and agriculture is also place we have lots of vacancies.
9. Jos: The state has good weather as if you are in Europe. The economy of Plateau State is also very good. It is a place we have different tribes staying together. The banking sector in Jos is quite good and many persons are employed daily.
10. Niger State: The power state in Nigeria, the Agricultural sector is growing fast. You have big farms like Abdusalam Farm. The Government of Niger State recruit teachers and other profession more than many states in Nigeria. Electricity distribution companies also recruit very well. It is a neighboring state to Abuja where you can easily get connections for jobs.
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