The Difference Between A Boyfriend And Husband

Ideally, a boyfriend should be an intending husband, but the truth is that most boyfriends are not. If you are in a relationship, you should be in it for the long run. However, this does not mean you should marry whoever you are dating by force. Sometimes, you can only see the real person when you are already in a relationship with them. And if you are not comfortable with some things about the person, you can leave the relationship. 
Some people are great boyfriends, but are not potentially great husbands. Following this are some particular distinctions between a boyfriend and a husband.
• A husband is ready and sure that they want to spend the rest of their life with you. A boyfriend says they want to marry you, but anything can still happen. A man that is not sure they want to spend forever with you is not a husband.
• A boyfriend likes to spend time with his friends more than he likes to spend with his spouse. A husband is always eager to get home to his wife. This does not mean he doesn’t like his friends, but he likes his partner more.
• A boyfriend makes decisions and informs his partner about it. A husband will spend time deliberating with his spouse; they make decisions together.
• A boyfriend is after sex, while a husband is after companionship.
• A husband handles disagreements better than a boyfriend. A husband is someone who debates instead of fighting. A husband never insults his wife.
• A boyfriend restricts his partner’s growth, but a husband allows her to explore and grow with him.
• A boyfriend is jealous of all your male friends. A husband becomes friends with your male friends because he knows you are already his.
• A husband uses the words “us” and “we” when talking about your relationship, while a boyfriend uses more of “you”, “me”, and “I”.
• A husband sees you as an equal partner and walks side by side with you, supporting and advising you through life. A boyfriend will want to control and dominate you.
• A husband knows that no matter who wins bigger, you are on the same team. A boyfriend feels like he’s in a competition with you.
• A person that speaks conveniently with you about his family and building a family is a husband. A boyfriend will set boundaries and avoid such discussions.
• A boyfriend makes empty promises privately, but a husband makes promises privately and publicly, and fulfils them.
• A boyfriend is always complaining about how you look even when you’re not going anywhere important. A husband loves to see you in your most natural form.
• A boyfriend waits for you to ask for gifts before he gives you. A husband makes it an habit to buy you gifts from time to time.
Many people are in a marriage with boyfriends. The fact that you are married to him does not make him an ideal husband. Before you marry that man, make sure he passes these tests. May we not get married to boyfriends instead of husbands.
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