The last minute before my departure, it’ll be a great moment ~ Actress Monalisa Stephen opens up

By: Sarkolee / June 7th, 2022 / 28 views

Monalisa Stephen, a Nollywood actress and body positivity campaigner, has alarmed her fans after posting a strange statement on social media.

The plus-size model wrote in what appeared to be a suicide note that she would finally be free of the anguish and voices.

She implied that she had been betrayed because she had placed too much and too early confidence in someone.

She wrote :

These moments before my departure, I feel more clarity than I have ever felt, finally I will be free. I will be free from the voices, from the pains, and from you”. I can’t stand betrayals. I trust too much and too quickly. This is not what I want but I can’t help it, I am just too weak. So I quit.

Her management team issued a statement shortly after the post was taken down, stating that the actress was having a bad day and that they would be in charge of her social media page until she was fully recovered.

In an interview with DailySun, the plus-sized model expressed her desire to marry an older man if she ever decides to marry.

She also revealed that she does not wish to have children of her own and instead plans to adopt.

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