The President’s Daughter _ Season 2 -Episodes 45

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The President's daughter episodic story



EPISODE 45 {Finale}

I carried on with plans of getting to know the husband of Promise, I asked her many times to let me visit her house, but she kept giving one excuse or the other, she boldly refused to give her house address and these kept rising my suspicion that she’s not really married, what’s confusing me is the wedding ring on her finger.

My background check on her proves my suspicion right, she’s definitely not married and she’s successful and also living alone. She’s been lying to me that she’s married which made me to think that she doesn’t have feelings for me anymore and she don’t want to get involved with me.

I started thinking of what to do to win her, my thinking led me to meet with a close friend of hers who should know what’s going on in her life. I got in touch with someone close to her, I was able to persuade her to answer my questions and she told me everything after I told her my intensions. She said, Promise has been in a relationship with a man for over a year now and he hasn’t said anything about marriage, she said she doesn’t trust the guy at all, that she doesn’t think the man is serious with Promise.

That gave me lots of hope, I felt very happy inside me.

From all the information about her, I prepared myself to pay her an unannounced visit in the evening. She opened her door and was surprised to see me.

Promise: How did you get to know where I live?

Me: I just did a little background check, can I come in?

Promise: **Hesitating**

Me: Please…?

She quietly let me in.

Surprisingly, she offered me hollandia yoghurt… then from one talk led to another, I started talking to her to marry me. I told her I’m aware that she isn’t married, I talked to her about the past, the present and the future till she got emotional and tears started dripping down from her eyes. I went down on my knees before her and started giving her promises which I’m very ready to fulfill. I begged and begged her to agree to marry me, that I’ll start arrangement to marry her in one month or maybe less once she agrees to marry me. I reach my hand into my pocket and brought out the ring I came with; she started crying immediately I presented to her, I took her hand and she didn’t withdraw her hand till I successfully placed the ring on her finger. Before I knew what was happening, she flung herself on me in a tight embrace.

Me: What about your boyfriend?

Promise: He has lost me… he’s not ready to marry me, even though I’ve been pressuring him to, I was ready to sponsor the wedding out of desperation to get married. Yet he kept giving one excuse or the other.

Me: That’s fate wanting us to end up together

Promise: How’d you know about him?

Me: Salome

Promise: That girl! I should’ve known it was her

Me: Hope you’re not gonna scold her?

Promise: No, of course not

We talked and stared at each other for a while before I left feeling happy.

We got married months later in a simple traditional marriage and a court wedding with only close family members in attendance. Although, I made the President and the first lady aware of my marriage, they understood and gave me their blessings but couldn’t attend; I didn’t want them to attend anyway since I wanted the wedding to be on a low-key. They said I’m too young to remain a widower and I need someone to take care of Vanessa.

Before we got married, I made a discovery which is one of the reasons that made me rushed the wedding. Because… when we were discussing (that’s before we got married) I found out she was born in the same hospital where Mirabel was also born. Although I know they shared the same birth date which was one of the reasons why Mirabel got to like her so much back then. I suspected something and did a DNA test without her knowledge and it was positive. I was shocked and dumbfounded immediately I saw it, so I kept it a secret and rushed our wedding so it won’t be disapproved if they find out the truth. So my plan is to tell them the truth months after the wedding.

Just a week after the wedding, the President invited me to come with my new wife to the Presidential villa; I honoured his invitation by going there at the expected time.

After a while there, The President started talking about Mirabel not being his real daughter, how the investigation of finding his child has been going, he then handed a paper to me. I looked at it and it’s exactly the same as the DNA test result of Promise I did secretly.

I asked surprisingly like I didn’t know…

Me: So… what does this mean?

President: Promise is my daughter

Me: What? How is that possible?

He explained how it all happened.
What happened was that, a lady gave birth to a stillborn and she really needs a child for her husband and his family that has been pressuring her to give birth. So she connived with a nurse there to get her a child. The nurse took baby Promise and gave her to the woman, when she learned about whose child the baby was, (The President wasn’t the President then, but he is very influential) she couldn’t return baby Promise to them because she didn’t have the chance, so she took a random baby and gave to the first lady which was Mirabel and gave the stillborn to Mirabel’s real mother.

Promise: (crying) my mother did that? Is this true?

First lady: It is my dear, we’re your true family; I gave birth to you (crying)

Promise couldn’t believe the woman she thought was her mother did such kind of evil, and the woman loved her so much as her only child.

Promise accepted her true parents and pleaded with them not to let her supposed-mother to suffer for her mistakes because she took care of her like her own child. Her wish was granted and the woman was spared, but her supposed father refused to spare her as he sent her packing from his house. The Nurse was dealt with a little before they let her go after disgracing her. Everyone was surprised about this whole thing.

The President threw a party for the return of his lost daughter and I was also honoured, I stood by her as her husband; so I remained the President’s in-law.


My dreams came true as I built my business empire and became one of African’s richest. My business operations were all over the continent with my headquarters in Nigeria. I had three children with Promise while Vanessa make them four; two boys and two girls, and they grow up to join the Vames Empire.

••• THE END •••

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