The President’s Daughter – Episodes 18

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She went in, got her PJ’s, then we got out to the car heading to my place.

I was so silent in the ride. She tried to make a conversation but I didn’t gave in till we got to my place. We got inside.

Mirabel: Alright, I understand,,, Sorry I yelled at U earlier it wasn’t intentional.
***I didn’t say anything.***
Mirabel: C’mon sweetheart… don’t be like that **Hugging me from behind** U know I wouldn’t do anything that would hurt U

Me: But U did

Mirabel: And I’m so sorry about it. It would never happen again I promise… honey pleaseeee….

Me: OK, I’ve heard U

Mirabel: Not enough dear

Me: What do U want me to do?

Mirabel: Do U love me?

Me: U know the answer to that

Mirabel: Just answer it please,,, do U love me?

Me: Yes I do

Mirabel: U do what?

Me: Love U of course

Mirabel: Alright Kiss me

I no dey form for that kind thing at all…
I smiled on hearing that, I slowly turned around to face her.

Mirabel: So? Are U gonna keep staring at me or….??
I drew her head closer, we kissed and did other stuffs except s£x and we cool with it for the main time.

*** NOW ***
One week more to round up our exams. We didn’t slack up our reading sessions. Promise got to know my new place as she visited and even cook alongside Mirabel.
The first time she visited, she took her time in surveying the environment and then did some questioning.

Promise: Nice place U got here

Me: Thanks,,,, Promzy

Promise: She tried

Me: Yea

Promise: This is something you’ve always wanted. Living by yourself in a beautiful house with all U need.

Me: ***laughs*** yea, thats true

Promise: Is this the reason why u’re dating her?

Me: What do U mean?

Promise: Do U love her?

Me: Of course I do, I love her very much

Promise: For who she is? Or for what she is??

Me: What’s all this about Promzy?

Promise: I dunno,,, I feel like she’s buying U over

Me: How do U mean?

Promise: U always happily accepts whatever that she give to U. Look at you Victor… look around…. U want this, every other guy would love this as well… why should I believe that U are different from other guys when U accept everything from her?

Me: U just have to believe me,,, I thought U trust me?

Promise: I did,,, but…

Me: But what?

Promise: I dunno what to think anymore

Me: Its Ok,,, I want to assure U that I really do love her and that’s all that matters

Promise: Before U fell in love with Mirabel, did U have anyone in mind that U would’ve love to date?

Me: Uhhmmmm… I don’t think so. See Promzy, U have to trust me… I’m a good guy

Promise: Its not about trusting you Victor

Me: Then tell me what it is

Promise: Or never mind, its cool

Me: U were going to say something

Promise: Nope, its nothing…

Me: Are U sure?

Promise: Yea, I’m sure. Why not go in and offer me something to drink?

Me: This way please **ushering her in**
☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆

The day seems to be quite cool as the evening was approaching. It could be my AC though ‘coz i switched it on to keep the place cool. It wasn’t that long when Mirabel left my place. We studied, gists, played, kissed and all that.

About 40 minutes later, I heard a knock on my gate. I imagined who it was only to check the hole of my gate to see Lola standing there patiently. I opened the gate not letting her in yet.

Me: Heyy Lola…

Lola: Hi Victor

Me: How did U know I live here?

Lola: Lemme say,,, I did my homework

Me: Is that so?

Lola: Aren’t U letting me in?

Me: Oh sorry about that, I was just surprised to see U here. Come in please

Lola: Thank U

She said that cat-walking into the building.
She looked around the parlor for a few seconds

Lola: Nice place

Me: Thanks

Lola: I guess Mirabel aren’t scared of s£x anymore

Me: Huh?

Lola: **laughs** U know, looking at U,,, U must be really good in bed. I could see how it has changed Mirabel completely

Me: I dunno what you’re talking about

Lola: Oh hell U don’t

Me: I’m not talking about that

Lola: Why not? U don’t look shy… I know U are a naughty boy. Only god knows how many skirts you have tailored so far

Me: **laughs** Please Lola, what can I offer U?

Lola: Nothing much… **coming closer to me** only if U can offer what I’d ask for

Me: And what could that be? I got hollandia yoghurts, orange juice, brandy… U just name it

Lola: Sperms

Me: What?

Lola: U know, I’ve always admired you Victor… U got what it takes to make a lady beg for it
She placed her hands on my shoulders.

Me: Errmmm Lola… **trying to adjust**

Lola: Come on Victor,,, swear U don’t want me. I saw how U looked at my a$$ most times. I know U want to touch it… come on, do it

She dragged my hands to her backside, forcing me to touch it. She also forced my hands to her boobs.
All this while, I was thinking of what to do ‘coz I felt like diving in that moment.

Me: Stop it Lola, its not right,,, please just stop

Lola: I need U baby boy,,, touch me please…

She was kissing all over my body and moaning as well.
I didn’t know what moved me buh I remembered going into action that moment. I grabbed and squeezed the touchables of her body. I raised her and dropped her on my couch ripping off my clothes and hers as well. I was about digging into her queendom before I got distracted by my customised ringtone, which I knew who the caller was.
I immediately got back to my senses. I jumped off her telling her to get dressed and leave my place that minute.

Me: What is this U made me do?

Lola: U are starving me baby,,, please come

Me: U know what? Get dressed and leave this place this minute

Lola: U can’t be serious

Me: Oh yes I am… leave here now!

Lola: U must finished what U started

Me: U better leave here now before I reconstruct your face

Lola: Its Ok, I will leave… but get ready to explain to Mirabel what just happened between us

Me: Nothing happened between us!

Lola: We’d see about that

She got dressed, grabbed her bag and left angrily while I picked up my phone to call Mirabel back. I missed her three calls.

Me: Hello sweetheart

Mirabel: Hello honey,,, where were U when I was calling?

Me: I was in the kitchen dear,,, didn’t hear your calls

Mirabel: Hope no lady is there?

Me: Are U joking? of course no lady is here

Mirabel: Ok honey, I just wanted to check on U before we talk later in the night.

Me: That’s cool sweetheart,,, you’re dah best

Mirabel: So… talk to U later

Me: Alright babe, byee…
**Hangs up**


★What have I gotten myself into?

★How could I have allowed that girl Lola to get me?

★What if she tells Mirabel?

★What would be her reaction when she hears it?

★What if she breaks up with me?
Ahhhhh….. Lola!!
I went to get myself a chilled hollandia yoghurt.
And Promise…

★Why was she like that?

★Why asking me such questions?

★She thinks I’m a bad guy?

★Or she thinks I’m in for money not love?

★Why didn’t she complete her statement that time?

★Or she likes me? Promise?? I don’t think so…

I think I am in a trilemma right now.
I went to get myself a chilled hollandia yoghurt to calm my nerve.
☆☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆

As days passes by, things were moving smoothly especially the exams and the love Mirabel and I share. But Lola still won’t let me be. She kept making sexual advances on me. She always stay close to me even in the presence of Mirabel. I noticed that Mirabel is becoming somehow suspicious of our closeness or should I say; her closeness towards me. Lola almost went to the extreme that almost got me busted.

Mirabel left me with Lola in her sitting room for the kitchen as she was preparing something for the tommy. I dunno how or why Cynthia left Lola out of her sight to come here alone without her ‘Coz they were always together. Another thing was, she came in immediately I stepped in and she made it looked like a coincidence.

Lola didn’t waste time to drag herself towards me as soon as Mirabel got out of sight.
She knelt before me begging me to help her that she’s going crazy. She kept rubbing all over my body and moaning as well begging me to touch her even once. I got a shock of my life when she grabbed little vame (penus) from its unresponsive state.

Me: What’s wrong with you?!

Lola: U are wrong with me,,, I need U now please baby hold me

Me: U must be really crazy! have U no knowledge of where we are right now?? what if Mirabel walk in now, what kind of explanation would she accept???

Lola: U can excuse yourself from her lets go to my room

Mehn,,,, there’s no way on earth that Mirabel is testing me again using Lola ‘coz she’s damΠ serious and crazy.

Me: I’m not doing anything with U **pushing her away**

Lola: Why not?

Me: Because I love Mirabel your friend and I’m not a cheat got that?

I was about to stand up before Mirabel walked in…

Mirabel: What’s going on here?

Lola: Thank God you’re here Mirabel, tell your boyfriend to give me the remote lemme change this channel it’s so annoying

This girl is so fast…
Mirabel: But he’s not in possession of the remote

Lola: Don’t defend him! Where is it then? ‘Coz I can’t find it anywhere

Mirabel: There it is **pointing at the remote on the sofa**

Lola: Oh! No wonder he was giving me that “What is wrong with her” look, So embarrassing… geez!!

Mirabel laughed out loud while I just smiled out.

Mirabel: My boyfriend is a good guy who doesn’t want trouble of any kind. U should never accuse my baby of any thing or U get more embarrassed next time U try such. **She had a smile on her face when she was saying that** Buh I dunno how serious she was.

Cynthia later walked in asking when Lola left her in the house without her knowledge. But of course Lola defended herself that got them satisfied.


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