The President’s Daughter – Episodes 23

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Mirabel excused herself and went inside leaving Me and Promise in an awkward silence.
She finally came back holding two shopping bag and gave them to Promise.

Promise appreciated Mirabel over and over especially when she saw the new iPhone6 given to her. I was like “Wow”. I didn’t get to see the remaining package but i could guess that it contains clothes, shoes and maybe Jewelries.
We walked her to the gate, stopped a taxi for her, did our final goodbyes and off she left.

Walking back into the house

Me: I’m not spending the night here

Mirabel: Its okay,,, we’d go out for dinner then crash at your place

Me: Sounds like a plan

We got inside, and the music was still on
Me: U know,,,, I’ve never seen u dance before

Mirabel: U want to see me dance?

Me: Yea

Mirabel: I like dancing buh i’m not a good dancer

Me: I don’t mind…. show me what u got

She shyly went to the center and started dancing slowly with some cool moves. After a minute or two, she started dancing comfortably,,,, shaking her shakeables for me. Lola is far better than her buh all the same, she was hot and s-x√ and impressive.
She became more s-x√ier when she sexily used her fingers to invite me to dance with her. I got the gesture, I smiled and joined her on the dance floor. Chai! See rocking!!

The music changed to a slow type, her dance move also changed. She changed her dance to a slow dance move, using her hands to rub my body in a cool way that sent shivers all over my body. Even lil vame catch cold instantly.
I followed her move to a romance, to kissing… We stopped and stared at each others eyes for a while… the lust became obvious, we kissed again and started ripping off our clothes and fell onto the couch during the hot romance.

Me: Let’s go upstairs

She didn’t say anything, she just smiled and open her hands wide for me to carry her, which i did.
I took her upstairs still kissing till we got into the room. Then I remembered I had no rain coat on me, my facial expression changed.

Mirabel: Do it

Me: What?

Mirabel: Don’t worry, i’m on pills, I’ve been waiting for this moment

Me: Oh….
No time to talk…

We did it, and i felt alive again ‘coz its been long. I didn’t last long though, I was so embarrassed and very disappointed with my performance, I use to last very long and satisfied back then, buh what tha hell just happened?! Well, maybe its because its been a while since i last did it.

I saw blood on the white sheets, I just deflowered our president’s daughter? eayah…. and i heard the man left for the United States yesterday for Nuclear energy whatever! that kind of imagination, Lol.

Mirabel: Woah… just wow!!

Me: Thanks for choosing me Mirabel

Mirabel: Thanks for being my first experience,,, even though u didn’t last long, I understand.

Me: Thanks sweetheart

Mirabel: I’ve always wished to do it with someone that I love very much, and with who loves me.

Me: Yea,,,, I love u very much

Mirabel: Ok,,, Now, U have to avoid yoghurts

Me: Haba na

Mirabel: Yes na, haven’t u done your research? Too much of it is not good for a man. Just take it once in while

Me: Ok

Mirabel: Promise?

Me: Ok

Mirabel: No, say u promise

Me: Ok, I promise

Mirabel: Good

Me: Yea, let’s shower together

Mirabel: Alright…

We had shower together, and of course we did it there again. This time, I lasted longer than earlier.
After shower, we got prepared and went out for dinner.
Her guards don’t even do any work, they just stay at home and be collecting salaries.

We went to a nice snack store and purchased meatpie, fried chicken and two plates of ice cream. It was my treat oh….
We sat down eating and talking till we finished and we went straight to my place, before then, we stopped by a chemist to purchase something.

It was late already so we went straight to the bedroom.
Promise called her (Mirabel) to thanked her again for what she gave her. She also spoke with her mum, I got to hear our first lady’s voice.
I was like “Madam first lady, I am s——g your daughter here”.

I didn’t wait for her to finish the call before i initiated a romance. She responded after she dropped the call. One touch led to another till it led to penetration. And this time, I was satisfied, I did very well. But my joy got minimized when she made an announcement…

Mirabel: I will be leaving tomorrow Victor

Me: What? Why?? I thought u would stay around for a while???

Mirabel: Yea, buh my mum wants me to get home tomorrow. She knows we ended our exams today and there’s nothing left to do.
I didn’t say anything
Mirabel: Please dear understand the situation here. I don’t want to go but i have no choice

Me: So,,,, meaning I won’t be seeing u for the next one or two months?

Mirabel: Well, u can come to the villa or i could go to your place if u want

Me: That means, whichever it is,,, there would be lodging of hotels?

Mirabel: Nope, U can be my guest at the villa

Me: Really?

Mirabel: Yea

Me: What about your parents?

Mirabel: I will tell them about u

Me: Are u kidding?

Mirabel: **laughs** of course i am… abi u wan enter jail?

Me: **Sighed** Then how is it gonna be?

Mirabel: Hhmmm… U can be my guest at the villa without the knowledge of my father, he don’t have that time ‘coz he got a whole country under his responsibility .

Me: Then what about your mum?

Mirabel: My mum trusts me very much, so she won’t be a hindrance

Me: Hhmmm…

Mirabel: Come on honeyy…

Me: We are talking about Aso Rock here

Mirabel: Its human beings that lives there not god, I live there too hellooo…

Me: Alright! I will go there

Mirabel: Thanks honeyy… I love u so much **hugging me**

Me: I love u so much more sweetheart
**More kisses**
**Lots of kisses**

Mirabel: **Smiling** Good night handsome

Me: Good night gorgeous
**Good night kiss**

☆☆☆ BLACKOUT ☆☆☆

Mirabel: Sweetheart wake up na

Me: **Sleepy** Is it morning already?

Mirabel: Yes and its past 8 already

Me: Aish!… I dunno why morning always comes too quick

Mirabel: Complains of a lazy man

Me: Hey, I’m not lazy

Mirabel: Then why are u still in bed? I woke up 20 minutes to 7:00 and did your laundry that is so many,,, dirty boy.

Me: Come on,,, yesterday was really amazing… u know I was the one that uses all the strength

Mirabel: Hhmmm… are u complaining now?

Me: Hell no… I enjoyed every bit of it **Moving closer to her**

Mirabel: Don’t even think about it

Me: What? I just want to give my baby a good morning kiss

Mirabel: With that lustful eyes of yours? No way!

Me: Arrgghhh…!! **fell back on to the bed** Thanks for doing my laundry, Gosh! I’ve been planning on when to wash it but i kept postponing it…. Thanks sweetheart

Mirabel: U are welcome. Go brush your teeth, breakfast will be ready in five minutes and I will be leaving by 10:00 **walks away**

My heart starts beating when I heard “I will be leaving by 10” and it sounded new to me ‘coz I wanted her to be with me forever. My mood changed, I managed to stand up and brushed my teeth before joining her in the kitchen.
I grabbed her from behind and started kissing her neck

Me: Wouldn’t it be too early for u to leave by 10?

Mirabel: I have to, ‘coz I will have to go to my lodge to arrange my stuffs before leaving

Me: U sound like u are cool with this
***She turned around to face me***

Mirabel: I am a strong girl, i don’t need to shed tears before u know that i’m hurting in the inside… its not easy for me to leave u, but i’m not leaving u forever. U will be visiting me at the Villa in few days time right? So,,,, why worrying too much?

Me: I just want u to be by my side

Mirabel: Awwww,,, someone is missing me already

Me: Yea, I will miss u

Mirabel: I will miss u too…
Mirabel: Alright, that’s enough… U can go to the dinning now

Me: Ok,,,, don’t take long i’m starving

I left the kitchen, she brought the food to the dinning and we ate together. It was actually noodles. After that, we had our bath together.

She left eight minutes past the hour of ten. Then something just popped into my head, and i decided to leave too. I called Mirabel to inform her.

Mirabel: What’s up sweetheart, missing me already?

Me: Yes alot, where are u now?

Mirabel: I’m on my way to the Villa

Me: Okay,,, I’m leaving too

Mirabel: When?

Me: Now,,, in few minutes time

Mirabel: Woah…. I thought u would still be around

Me: No, there’s nothing here to do, so i’m going home

Mirabel: Ok, safe trip

Me: U too, take care. Love u…

Mirabel: Love u too… byee
**Hangs up**

I went home to my family but not with the range rover.
☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆ ☆

I got a warm and happy welcome from my family. Dad wasn’t at home, they said he travelled to Minna for business. I went to the football field that evening to play football, its been a while and I missed it. My friends was so happy to see me. I was very popular in my area,,, any corner i enter, people must hail my Nick name “Vict-Vames” and the girls call me “Vickie Vames” The area was so full of fun and activities.

When I go to game house, they hail me ‘Coz I was the champion of games.
My environment always full visitors, some guys use me as a cover to see my sisters. The area and the people around it gives me joy.
After three days of my stay at home, something happened.

Me: Hello

Promise: Hi Victor

Me: What’s up?

Promise: Things are yet to be up

Me: What are u talking about? Anything wrong??

Promise: Go check what’s trending on twitter

Me: What is it?

Promise: It will be better if u check it out yourself

Me: Alright, talk to u later, lemme check it out

Promise: Ok
**Hangs up**

I quickly on my data, and entered twitter at once. I checked on the trends and nearly had an heart attack.
The number one trend on the trending list was hash tagged
I clicked on it and saw
“The daughter of the president kissing an unknown guy in campus. Click here to watch full video”

My heart nearly fell from its position. I clicked on the link and i was directed to YouTube. While it was loading, i saw that it has already gotten about 330,000 views. It finally played, I saw us (Mirabel and I) kissing. Chai! my heart beat changed to gear one, the blood in my veins started running 69°/sec.
I became so afraid with many questions circulating through my brain.

★What if it gets to the media?

★What if someone shows it to the president??

★What if the president sees it???

★What would he do to me?

★Will my life become that of Solomon grounding??

★How can I escape this???

☆☆☆ The End ☆☆☆


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