The President’s Daughter – Episodes 4

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We dressed up then i saw her off
D@mn, i don’t want to do that again or should i say i don’t want to get bored anymore. Then i realized that, An idle man is the devils workshop Indeed it is.

I just don’t want to be a bad guy, its not even about the advise of my relatives but for myself. I don’t want to be popular for bad deeds at all, i hope and pray God help me with my dreams for greatness.
Walking on the streets to get what to eat, too tired to prepare anything then my phone rings

Me: Hello

Titus: Guy hwfa i see ur missed call

Me: Yea, i call u that time sha

Titus: Wats up

Me: Nothing much, i just for enter ur side ne

Titus: No vex bro, my phone dey silent, i dey with my bae that time dey **** u understand how e be na

Me: Oya na, no p

Titus: Correct guy, leta na.

Me: Ok

Bad guy straffed his babe, i almost did the same too but not my initial intention. I got to my suya spot and bought some, got myself yoghurt then headed home, my home or room whatever jare.
Sunday morning… i went to Church, the sermon and other activities was great. I met my parents, siblings and friends we exchanged pleasantries and all that. Time to go back to school, i went to dad to inform him, he said ok and some advise bla bla, he dipped his hand into his suit, brought out an envelope and gave it to me. I thanked him then went to my mum at their women fellowship meeting, told her i’d be on my way. She reached for her bag, brought out her purse and gave me some folded #500 notes (i collected it. Wait, what are u guys saying? that i shouldn’t collect again after getting from uncle and dad?? No way!!) 2Pac Shakur once said “I want my money in large amount, ‘coz every dollar counts” I love 2pac! Every naira counts jare.)

Woman: Is this Victor? (addressing my mum)

Mum: Yes, he is the one.

Woman: He’s grown so big already

Mum: You can say that again, i thank God

Woman: Are u done with secondary? (addressing me)

Me: ***chai! our people like school eh*** Yes ma. I’m now in the university

Woman: Wow! thats quick

Me: I thank God

Woman: What are u studying?

Me: Business Administration ma

Woman: Oh i see… are u sure u can do business with that your calm, gentle and shy attitude? or have u changed?

Me: ***Chai! me that banged your daughter Dorothy*** I’m still trying on overcoming it ma

Woman: Good. *looking into her bag* let me urmm… u know, take this…

Me: (Woah! again?!) Ma, u don’t have to bother ma (pretending jare)

Woman: Hey, u’re shy i know but u don’t have any other option. Now take it

Me: (In my mind: opening my hands when u have no choice. The way jerry does in the cartoon ‘Tom & Jerry’) Thank u ma. (Accepting the neat, flat #1000 notes like 7 of them).

Woman: Don’t mention, just study hard ok?

Me: Ok ma, how are Richy, Flora, Dorothy and mama ma?

Woman: They’re all fine

Me: My greetings ma (except Dorothy)

Woman: Alright, they will certainly hear especially Richy and Dorothy

Me: (Doro what??!) Ok ma, bye ma.

I also bade my mum and every one else bye then went home. I only go to the family church once in a month or two as i went to the school’s Church.

*On my bed counting all the money* See why i need to keep to myself? not showing of my bad side? am i even bad? doesn’t seem so, i just felt so) Enough money, that was when i thought of having t.v, dvd, home theatre, play station 3 (video game) and fridge filled with many things such as: lots of yoghurts, meats, milk, eggs, etc. And i got them all.
Resting on my bed listening to some old school hip-hop after a stressful day at school. We wrote two tests (Ofcoz i wrote well), a group presentation (i was the group leader, while Mirabel and Promise was also the group leader of theirs). The scores of the previous test we wrote was announced. Tests are 20/20 while other Lecturers set theirs 30/30. I scored 30 in English, 20 in introduction to business and 22/30 in maths. Promise scored 28 in English, 19 in introduction to business and 27/30 in maths. While Mirabel scored 22 in English, 20 in introduction to business and 27/30 in maths. She didn’t do well in English, but not enough to be her limit.
*Phone rings*

Me: Hello

Esther: Hi, how u doing?

Me: Fine but stressed out

Esther: School abi?

Me: Yea, how are u?

Esther: I’m fine ooo…. as u don’t even call again

Me: No vex, many tinz just dey for me to do (vex o)

Esther: Ok oo, I feel bored, should i come over?
*knocks on the door*
Titus and two guys walked in after i told them to come in

Me: *On phone* I have visitors maybe some other time

Esther: Who are they?

Me: (Ah ah since when that one start) My friends, talk to u later.

Esther: Ok
*Hangs up*

Titus: Guy hwfa
Me: I dey o (shakes hand with them)

Titus: Off this your 2Pac put P.S for person jare (video game)

Me: Na una i buy ‘am for na

They have been coming to my place since i bought and told them about it. I just set it for them then took a walk out, not in the mood for video game that moment.
Walking on the street along the school road checking out the environment. Then i heard someone calling my name with an unfamiliar voice. I looked at the side where the voice was coming from, i saw two recognizable eve-like creatures waving at me from a car or their car.
My course mates, I went closer to them while they fold their arms and lean on their car.

Cynthia: Victor can’t even hear his name again

Tola: Did she break your heart?

Me: She who? my heart fit break?
*Both laughs*
Tola: Hwfa

Me: I’m ok. How school today?

Tola: Guy, we thank God o… u try wella for the presentation.

Me: Thanks

Cynthia: Too bad i no dey una group

Me: Mirabel do well for una na

Cynthia: True but… hmmm not bad sha

Tola: U live around here?

Me: Yea, that block there *pointing*

Tola: OK we go check on u make u put us through on that Accounting abeg, u know the exam is near now

Cynthia: Yes o… we didn’t do well in the test.

Me: That won’t be a problem, lets just set a date and time then we’d meet in class

Tola: At school?

Cynthia: What about your room? Or your roommate won’t allow it??

Me: ***Hhmmm… Oh Lord! save me from temptations. What are they thinking*** I stay alone but my guys always come around. I think the class will be ok for learning.

Cynthia: That class sef, the noise and distractions emanating from those students would be a hindrance. U should come to our place

Tola: Yea, come to our place

Me: Hhmmm

Tola: Don’t worry, we’d treat u well

Me: (Sh!t! No!!) Where is this your place?

Cynthia: At VIPI 2C iv

Woah! This girls must be very rich to be living there.

Me: Thats where u guys live?

Tola: Yep

Me: Oh i see, aright then

Tola: So… when will be convenient for u?

Me: Anytime is fine by me

Tola: Ok then… u should give us your number so we’d contact u

Me: Alright, 070********

Tola: Ok

Cynthia: See u around then

Me: Alright.

They both gave me a hug with that they zoomed off leaving me with my thoughts.

I got to my room, the guys are gone already leaving my room tattered like a robbed place. I no blame them sha, na me want friends. Seriously this kind of thing piss me off, i can never do anyhow in someone’s room, Some people are just stupid.
I re-arranged my room and discovered some items are missing. Two pairs of shoes, cap, my expensive wrist watch and my reserved yoghurts. Chai! See why i don’t make male friends, this friendship must stop after i retrieve my stuffs,,, i will only dash them the yoghurts with red eye sha.
The next day in school, i went early and read my books as usual preparing for any unplanned test as i hate to fail.
No test was conducted just normal lectures. Other test scores was announced and i did perfectly well especially in accounting that caught the attention of everyone towards me because its very difficult for them mostly the quantitative part. The accounting lecturer walked in and announced that he’s done with the lectures for the semester and…he shared the test scripts one after the other but i didn’t hear my name. He shared all its only one paper remaining in his hand. I was expecting him to ask *If u didn’t hear your name put up your hand* but he didn’t which got me scared… of course i wrote his test what is happening?

Lecturer: I’m very disappointed with your performance in the test. U only did well on the theory part but the quantitative side…. very bad.

Lecturer: Its only one person that saved this class and i urge you all to find a way to understand it before the commencement of the exam. Because if u fail, i will fail u that’s the truth. I won’t help one person and leave the others, if i should help i will help all of you.

Students: Thank you sir

Lecturer: Where is Victor?

Me: Sir!

Lecturer: Come out here.

Me: (walking to his side with my heart beating with questions -what did i do? -why is he calling me out? Chai! In front of everyone? Lord Jesus help me o as U always have)

Lecturer: Class this gentleman here scored 30/30 which i think nobody else scored above 20.

Wow! I was like not even Mirabel? Awesome! That moment eh… my head was floating on my shoulders, my heart was beating faster than the best drummer, my teeth was shaking like i’m deep inside the pacific ocean, my legs became soo weak like i was going to collapse, my eyes was facing everyone but i wasn’t seeing anyone.
The Lecturer advises me in front of the class to keep it up, that i should not slack this and that bla bla bla…
After that he gave me my script and ask me to go back to my seat, he also advises the class using me as a point to encourage them. He wished us best of luck, bade us goodbye then left.

I noticed some girls eyeing me, some guys hailed me and shake hands with me. One girl walked to me open my hands and buried something in it, she didnt say anything, she just smiled and left. I opened my hands immediately and saw a small piece of paper, i unfold it and saw a number with an inscription ‘Call Me’. All this while i remained on my seat I couldn’t stand up that moment because of fear of collapsing. I have been waiting for Promise to come and rescue me by walking me out of here but she was nowhere to be found, she followed the accounting lecturer out, why? I dunno. I don’t know what moved my head as it turned 190° and guess whose eyes i jammed? You guessed right maybe not but it was Mirabel. She was frowning at me in an unfriendly manner,,, next thing i saw was her standing up hissing then went out. That made me feel bad, i never wanted anyone to hate me or dislike me in any manner,,, i now have the urge to make peace with her so my mind would be at peace. But, how do i do that??



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