The President’s Daughter – Season 2 – Episodes 16

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The President's daughter episodic story




Sunday came up so fast with lots of expectations for Lola’s birthday party. I wore a cool fitted suit, my best suit actually with a hat. While Nancy wore a dress Mirabel provided for her.

We arrived the place before and the place was wow! full of exotic cars, that was my first time of seeing a Lamborghini car and others. Music was booming the environment, I saw so many good looking and sophisticated persons in attendance. That was when I had a thought of pride that I’m rolling with bigger girls. Well, I didn’t feel intimidated at all because, I got a nice ride and well dressed as well.

I met Mirabel’s guards standing at the frontage of her lodge, I asked them if Mirabel was inside, they replied positive. Some guys and girls were seated in the parlor but Mirabel wasn’t. I greeted them before asking after her and they said she went to the room to get dressed. I went straight to her room and knocked…

Mirabel: Who is it?

Me: Your boyfriend

Mirabel: Come in come in come in

I slowly opened the door and walked in, she was backing me

Mirabel: I’ve been waiting for you, Now tell me, how do i look? **Turning around to face me**

Me: Woah… you’re a true definition of beauty, a virtue of grace, I’m incredibly graced by your grace, I’m highly favoured beyond imaginations, you have no idea to how happy i am to have you, you’re like a figment of my thoughts but thank God you’re real, thank God for creating you, I’m extremely blessed. Oh my! what am i saying? Come give hug please baby…

We hugged each other for so many minutes, i also caressed her hair emotionally that I didn’t know when a tear dropped off my left eye.

Me: I will always love you Mirabel, I will continue to love you no matter what… The love I have for you is irreplaceable.

Mirabel: I love you so much and you know it, I believe whatever you tell me, I trust the love we have for each other,,, I’m made to understand that, sometimes in life, the best doesn’t come first but mostly comes last. Yes I was born with everything i need, but you stand as the best thing that has ever happen to me. With you in my life, I have everything I want and my love for you is unconditional.

**We were still hugging each other before someone opened the door**

Cynthia: Oops! sorry for intruding guys, didn’t know uhmmm… excuse me, Mirabel everyone is waiting for you outside, they’re about to start

Mirabel: Ok I’m coming out, just give me a minute. Is Lola out yet?

Cynthia: No, she’s waiting for you

Mirabel: Ok, just a minute please

Cynthia: Alright hurry up. Hi Victor

Me: Hi **I just waved at her with a coy smile then she left**

Mirabel: Victor

Me: Yes?

Mirabel: Everyone will know today that you’re my boyfriend

Me: I don’t understand

Mirabel: As you know, this is a high class party and everyone you see out there are sons and daughters of dignitaries like Senators, Ministers, Governors, big business men children and all that. So,,, people like us are not expected to come here with any random person, we can only come with our date, friends or spouse

Me: Okay…

Mirabel: You and I will be together throughout the party, that is after I escort Lola to the Celebrant’s seat then We’ll seat together by her right side. And I will introduce you to anyone I meet as my boyfriend

Me: Its cool, no problem

Mirabel: Sure?

Me: Yea, sure, even if your Father gets to know I won’t be bothered

Mirabel: Really…?

Me: Just kidding

Mirabel: He’s not gonna do anything nasty I’m sure of that

Me: Well, he is your Father, you should trust him,,, He should only know about us when the time is right

Mirabel: Of course, that’s what I’m waiting for. Put this in your mind that I’m taking you to my father in Aso rock two weeks after our final exams

Me: Aso rock?

Mirabel: Yea, why?

Me: But his tenure will expire months before we graduate

Mirabel: So? what happens to second term?

Me: Oh… I forgot

Mirabel: By the way, where is Nancy?

Me: Oh my God!

Mirabel: What is it?

Me: No, nothing, She’s outside… let’s go join them, they’re waiting for you

Mirabel: Yea, let’s go. What about Promise?

Me: I dunno, we haven’t talked today. She didn’t call me

Mirabel: The securities will deny her access if she should come because we only invited her with our mouth as our close friend and not with invitation card and she doesn’t even have a car. Let’s call her quick,,,, where is that my phone

Me: Lemme call her **I brought my phone out from my pocket** my phone has been switched off all this while and i didn’t know **I quickly switched it on**

Mirabel: Maybe she’s been trying to call you, who knows? Woah… eleven missed calls from her

**She dialed Promise’s number and she picked up at once, then Mirabel put on loud speaker**

Mirabel: Hello Promise

Promise: Hi I’ve been calling you but you didn’t pick up and Victor’s line is unreachable

Mirabel: I apologize, I’ve been busy. They refused to allow you come in?

Promise: Yeah at first, but I’m in now,,, thanks to Cynthia. Where are you guys by way?

Mirabel: In my room but we’re coming out now

Promise: Please hurry up, I’m feeling awkward and nervous out here

Mirabel: Just meet us in my lodge

Promise: Ok, on my way
**Hangs up**

Mirabel: Lets go lets go

Me: After you my darling

We stepped out together, the guys and ladies we met in the parlor all stood up when we showed up in the parlor. She greeted them in a hurry while stepping out and they followed us or they followed her rather,,,, who know me? Lol.

The guards opened the entrance door and there stood Promise, glowing like a star, where did she hid her beauty all this while that i did not see? I was stunned by her beauty but refused to get carried away.

Mirabel: You’re looking good Promise

Promise: Thanks, and you’re looking gorgeous

Mirabel: Thanks,,, come on, let’s go and escort Lola out to her seat, we’re already late. Guys you may go have your seat (Referring to the ones with us) Victor please wait for me here, Promise lets go

They left for Lola/Cynthia’s lodge to escort the celebrant out while I stood in front of her lodge as she told me to wait for her. I was looking around for my sister Nancy, I didn’t know where she was.

Mirabel came out alone some few minutes later and went to grab a mic, she signaled them to pause the music. After which, she welcomed everyone in attendance and also said other things. Gosh! her voice sounded so good on the mic, God help me ‘coz I so much love this girl.

She then announced the arrival of the celebrant, every one stood up clapping their hands while Lola and her escorts came out, my mind became cool when I saw Nancy with them. Mirabel however, handed over the mic to the MC after making a comment that…

“Lemme quickly go get my boyfriend before these beautiful ladies in the house do something nasty”

The guests cheered and applauded to that,,, while she left the stage and walk towards me smiling with confidence.
All eyes on me! I started feeling so nervous that I felt like I was gonna collapse even though I was standing upright.

She came and stood in front of me smiling,,,she looks so adorable and extremely beautiful. I looked at her with love written all over my face… I took charge of the situation by offering her my hand, she accepted then we walked like newly weds to our seat at Lola’s right side. The MC continued with the menu after the cheering from the guests.

The MC called on the celebrant to get her man by her side. Another romantic drama took place when Lola brought her guy Dax to her side.
The party continued from one interesting item to the other… from cutting the cake to dancing, artistes performances and other entertaining performances. Lola’s boyfriend, Dax also performed a special song for Lola,,,, that was when I know that he was a Musician.

The time for general dance,,, everyone started taking their lady to the dance floor, I also did the same. I noticed how Nancy looked at me when that Vincent, Dax’s friend offered her his hand as a request for her to dance with him. I just nod a ‘go ahead’ for her so she’ll not fall his hand. I wasn’t focused on my dancing because I was watching them for any wrong dance moves but he danced like a gentleman,,, although I was still suspecting him (Vincent).

The refreshments were extremely refreshing, I didn’t ate much though,,, I reserved myself for later when I can eat comfortably, probably with familiar eyes and not otherwise.

Later in the evening around or thereabout, the MC announced the main event of the menu which is the “Pool Party”. Everyone cheered and applauded to the anouncement. Then they brought in costumes for the Pool party for both male and females. Bikinis for females and shorts for males. The MC further said that…

MC: Its time to see dah sis packs in dah house and some banging bodies baby! leeets do this!! **Drops mic**
(Instantly, the lights turned red and blue)

Personally, I wasn’t OK on that one, I felt somehow uncomfortable.

Mirabel: Hey handsome

Me: Baby is this necessary?

Mirabel: Well, this is the best part Lola loves on every birthday party she attends ,,, so she also want to do it on her own birthday party, so here we are

Me: I don’t think I can participate on this one

Mirabel: What? honey please you have to

Me: I can’t,,, I’m not feeling this

Mirabel: Honey let’s do this for Lola pleaaase?

Me: Mirabel….

Mirabel: Honey pleaseee… just for today, for Lola please honey

Me: OK alright

Mirabel: Thanks hun,,, don’t be shy of your invisible packs

Me: What?

Mirabel: Lemme get a short for you, gimme a minute

Dax: Hey guys… Mirabel and ermmm sorry?

Me: Victor

Dax: Yea my bad, how is it going bro?

Me: Just good **handshakes**

Vincent: Hey man

Me: Bro whats up **handskakes**

Vincent: Good,,,, its a nice party

Me: Yea…

Mirabel: I’m coming guys **runs away**

Me and both guys who were already on shorts showing their six packs chatted a little about some things before Mirabel showed up with a short for me. I excused myself and went in to put it on before joining them,,, I had my siglet on though, I don’t have packs and I don’t even like appearing bare-bodied in public.

We all surrounded the pool in groups, some in twos and others inside the pool already having fun with non-stop party music and drinks. There were balls, water-guns and so many things that made the pool party fun for them.

I was with Dax and Vincent chatting and getting to know each other, I was very comfortable with them,,, that was how we became friends.

Mirabel: Excuse me guys, can I borrow my boyfriend?

Dax: Sure of course, I should be with my baby too… Vince I can’t help you tonight again bro, this is what I’ve been telling you about,,, get yourself a girlfriend

Vincent: Guy leave that thing, I don’t need a w—e or should I kill myself for not finding the type of girl I need?

Dax: You will start doing ultimate search after the loneliness you will feel today, everyone will be in twos soon and there isn’t any single girl here

Vincent: You guys should just go and leave me alone, loneliness won’t kill me

Mirabel: (Laughs) Of course we’ll go,,,, honey let’s go (Drawing my hand along with her)

Me: Guys i’m coming…

Vincent: Ok bro

I smell conspiration among those guys, Infact I was sure that they’re trying to get my sister for Vincent and trying to make me know that he is a good and responsible guy but I refused to concur.

Mirabel took me to the garden where we once met, then we started strolling around slowly.

Mirabel: You remember this place when we started our relationship? I come here whenever I feel lonely to relax myself and also smiled sometimes with tears when I recalled that day we met here. I have loved this place since then because of the good memory.

Me: I remembered everything, even from the first time I saw you, I can still remember vividly like it was all yesterday. How it all started from hate to love

Mirabel: Yea, you were so annoying by then…

Me: Do you know I hated you at first sight?

Mirabel: What? but why?

Me: Because of how you showed up that day, how you spoke with your guards that are older than you and how you spoke with the Lecturer made me thought you were a spoilt arrogant brat

Mirabel: Hhmmmm… I only disliked you because I thought you were a proud guy that shows off his intelligence to make everyone think you’re the best or something,,, and I hate pride.

Me: So we totally misjudged each other

Mirabel: Yea absolutely,,, then I fell for you before I knew it. You hurt me alot when you played hard to get .

Me: I played hard to get?

Mirabel: Have you forgotten?

Me: Well, it wasn’t like that… I saw you as a lover girl that needed real love not with someone like me who wasn’t sure of himself. Hey what are we even talking about? we’re spoiling the mood already, lets forget about all that and focused on the romantic night

We stopped for a while then faced each other, she placed her hands on my shoulder and we looked straight to each other’s eyes.

Mirabel: So… how romantic could this be?

I smiled sheepishly then drew her closer and initiated a kissing session that led to a hot romance for many minutes. The romance came to an abrupt end as I pulled off when the thought of my sister popped up.

Me: Lets go inside (Smiling)

Mirabel: Victor please no

Me: Why? you don’t want to go inside?

Mirabel: You know what i meant

Me: I don’t think i do

Mirabel: You know we shouldn’t go beyond kisses and romance

Me: Yea I know. Oh… wait, you thought I was going to…..? Nah… far from it, my mind was far from that. I just want us to go inside and probably continue there ‘coz its late already

Mirabel: Is that so? Alright, lets go

I went back to the pool and saw that the party was over and most of them had left, remaining some in twos that were just talking while others were making out. I was looking around every corner my eyesight can reach to catch them red-handed,,, by that I meant my Sister Nancy and that Vincent but I couldn’t find them. I met with the male bodyguard and asked him if he has seen her. He replied saying he hasn’t seen her all night. My heart started beating with rage, I thought of what i’d do the instance I catch them together. I went inside Mirabel’s lodge, there she was sleeping on the chair. I became speechless…. Mirabel woke her up and showed her where she’d sleep. I told Mirabel to join me go to Lola’s lodge to eat that I didn’t eat well earliar, She agreed that she also want to eat too.

We went there, and I saw that the party continued in there, they were dancing nude


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