The President’s Daughter – Season 2 -Episodes 36

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The President's daughter episodic story




I decided to call him through the message he sent after much thought and he picked up after seconds of ringing.

Marcus: Hello dude

Me: Marcus was shot dead in front of me, so who are you? (Pretending like I dunno)

Marcus: It’s me, I didn’t die… I escaped death

Me: How’s that possible with three shots on the chest?

Marcus: I had a vest on

Me: So you’re telling me you’ve been alive all this while?

Marcus: Yea

Me: I see… so what do you want from me now?

Marcus: A second chance to live

Me: **Chuckles** Second chance? Is that your new strategy?? You’re wasting your time. I advise you to do what you said in the text you sent to me because you have no chance of doing any harm to us again

Marcus: I meant every word I said in the text, I have lost everything… my family, friends, everything! The only thing I have now is my life and I don’t want to lose it too

Me: You’re not going to lose your life if you don’t bother us again

Marcus: I know I’ve been a bad guy, but lying has never been a strategy for me to get anything. I won’t cause any trouble again and I mean it, I want to live a peaceful life

Me: Peaceful life? How can you live a peaceful life when you still have a 25 year sentence in prison which could also be extended for escaping prison?

Marcus: I know that, and that’s why I need your help

Me: For what?

Marcus: To start a new life

Me: What are you talking about?

Marcus: Now the world thinks I’m dead and I want it to remain that way. The authorities won’t be looking for me, I won’t even be recognized when seen and nobody will care if I look familiar as a criminal or not… this is Nigeria, who will care to notice me? Please I really need your help man

Me: What help do you want?

Marcus: Financial help man… I really need money to survive what I’m going through right now

Me: You’re quite funny; I mean I don’t get you… you want money from me? The same me you wanted dead

Marcus: That was out of desperation man, I’m done with all that sh!t… you got to forgive me for all that and help me out please mahn… I don’t have anybody to face

Me: Your father is a billionaire, why not go to him?

Marcus: I can’t… he’s gonna turn me in to the police himself

Me: And why do you think I’ll spare you?

Marcus: You wouldn’t have been talking to me like this if you were gonna turn me in

Me: You can’t be too sure about that, I know you’re obsessed for Mirabel and you can’t just let go of her so easily

Marcus: What are you saying man? Haven’t I tried enough?? I became the most man in Nigeria just to win her back and I got nothing but rather lost everything and you’re saying I can’t let go of her so easily? Come on man, my life is ruined… I’m totally messed up!

Me: Alright Alright that’s enough… I’ve heard you; I will help you with some money

Marcus: I’ll forever be grateful for that… thanks man

Me: But you better be sure of what you’ve said, for you won’t have a third chance on this earth

Marcus: Absolutely!

Me: How will you get it?

Marcus: Yea… let’s meet up somewhere

Me: You must be a jester **I hung up instantly**

I should meet him somewhere, as I’m a fool abi? **Hissed**

The next thing I know, he sent me a “Please Call Me” message over and over again, I just ignored them.

I’m totally confused about this guy, why can’t he call? Is he that broke or what? No… I can’t fall for this; he must be trying to outsmart me.

I dunno if I should tell Mirabel or anyone about this or not.
I decided to go Mirabel’s lodge to talk to her about this; I got there and saw that same guy from the President’s party that was talking with Promise. We shook hands and I joined in their gist with Mirabel, Cynthia and Promise. He then left and Promise walked him out.

Me: (To Mirabel and Cynthia) I think he already likes Promise

Cynthia: Promise doesn’t seem to be interested

Me: Why?

Cynthia: I dunno… her own holy holy nawa

Me: It’s not about that… it’s about getting involve with the right someone

Cynthia: How would she know when she doesn’t seem to care about having a man?

Mirabel: I think we should work it out for them… its high time Promise get herself a man

Me: Yeah… but she has her choice to make

Mirabel: Aren’t you worried about her not getting involved with any guy?

Me: Of course I do… but I can’t do anything about it

Mirabel: We’ll be graduating in two weeks’ time; she has to think about her future

Promise: (Coming from outside) Can you guys stop talking about me?

Mirabel: Promise why not give him a chance?

Promise: I don’t know him and I don’t like him

Cynthia: Hhmmm… the likely ones are not yet born (Teasingly)

Mirabel: You can get to know him better only if you can give him the chance

Promise: **Speechless watching TV**

I excused myself with Mirabel and took her somewhere private; I told her everything about what Marcus had told me.

Mirabel: What could be his plan now?

Me: I dunno, he is so confusing

Mirabel: Please don’t go and meet him all by yourself

Me: Of course… I can’t just trust him like that

Mirabel: His survival could mean two things… it’s either he is right that he survived to have a second chance or it proved him to be more dangerous

Me: He can’t do anything to us… he will surely lose again if he tries anything stupid

Mirabel: I don’t want to any chances, I lost my best friend the last time he tried to come between us and I can’t bear losing another… not even for a minute!

Me: Relax dear… we are well secured this time unlike before

Mirabel: I said I’m not taking chances

Me: So what do we do about him?

Mirabel: Nothing! If he has changed as he claimed, then let him go his way and stop bothering us about anything. If he wants forgiveness, then he got it; nothing will be added to that!

Me: Okay ok… calm down will you?

Mirabel: Have you forgotten how much pain he cost us? Even if we should forgive him, would that erase the memory of everything? **Tears in her eyes**

I just embraced her.

**My phone rings** I excused myself from Mirabel and answered the call.

Me: Hello?

Male voice: Hi, it’s Fred

Me: Fred?

Voice: Yea Frederick, the guy that just left the lodge

Me: Ok the new friend of Promise

Fred: Something like that, please we meet? Like now?

Me: Now? Why?

Fred: Just need to speak with you, can you come?

Me: Where?

Fred: I’m outside the gate, meet me then we’ll go somewhere to talk

Me: Ok I’m coming…

Fred: Thanks **hangs up**

Mirabel: Who’s that?

Me: That minister’s son, he wants to see with me

Mirabel: Where and why?

Me: Outside the gate and I dunno why

Mirabel: Alright… be save

I kissed her on the cheek and left.

TBC in a hour


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