The President’s Daughter – Season 2 -Episodes 43

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The President's daughter episodic story




The Doctor had me tested but my blood type did not match with hers, he advised me to go get a close relative as they don’t have the type of Mirabel’s blood in their blood bank. The first thing I did was to call Mirabel’s oldest sibling Adesuwa who also resides there in America but in another state in Oklahoma. She promised to take the next available flight to Nevada where we reside. I also called Mirabel’s father – the president and informed him about the situation at hand, I told him about Adesuwa’s coming, but he insisted on coming as soon as possible in case if Adesuwa’s blood won’t be enough.

I also called my Parents to inform them, they were terrified especially my mother. I called Vincent and told him about it, that he should start praying seriously for Mirabel.

I was so worried; I didn’t know what else to do… I moved from one place to another looking for a donor but couldn’t find any. I was left with no other choice but to wait for Adesuwa. I dunno if Ike’s blood will match with hers, and he is not even in America, he is currently in China doing his thing.

Adesuwa finally came about two hours later and a test was conducted on her to be sure if her blood will match with Mirabel’s. Unfortunately, it didn’t match. We were so surprise on why their blood type did not match. We had to wait for a couple of hours till the President arrived with the first lady and Vincent.

The President told the Doctor to start taking his blood immediately, but the Doctor insisted that they get his blood tested first before that can happen. The President had no choice but to allow them to run the test on him. After waiting impatiently for many minutes, the Doctor came back and said their blood did not match.

President: What are you talking about? She’s my daughter!

Doctor: Are you sure about that?

President: Yes she’s my youngest child

Doctor: I’m afraid she can’t be your daughter because she doesn’t have your blood

President: You must be mistaken

Doctor: Sorry sir, there’s no room for such mistake here. We can conduct a DNA test if you want

First lady: DNA test for what, Doctor? She’s our daughter, I gave birth to her!

Doctor: Just to be sure, she’s dying and we don’t have all the time

Vincent: Please Doctor have me tested too, my blood might match with hers

First lady: And mine too…

Doctor: Ok follow me

They followed the Doctor to the lab and left me wondering what’s going on, how can Mirabel’s blood not match with her father’s? What is happening? Where did she even get that kind of blood from? God have mercy, that devil is a liar!

The President, the first lady and Vincent came back to the lobby from the lab. The President quietly sat down looking tense while the First lady kept saying that she knows Mirabel is her daughter and she’s very sure about it, that she carried her in her womb for nine months bla bla bla…

The Doctor came back again saying the first lady and Vincent’s blood still did not match with Mirabel and the DNA results will be available in two days. The Doctor also advised us to go look for donors whose blood might match with Mirabel’s, and that he’ll also help us checking in blood banks elsewhere.

The President left the hospital in confusion and the first lady followed him asking him some kind of questions. Adesuwa and Vincent remained with me there in the hospital. I went to the ward where they kept Mirabel; I stood outside and watched Mirabel through the window. I didn’t know when tears started dripping down from my eyes. Vincent came to me and placed his hand on shoulder telling me everything will be alright; that I should not be scared of what the Doctor is saying and all.

Me: Look at her, does she deserve this?

Vincent: Don’t think that way, just look at the positive side that this will be a testimony, have that in mind

Me: I don’t understand why her blood doesn’t match your Dad’s

Vincent: I’m also surprised; this is the devil at work

Me: What are we going to do now?

Vincent: Just pray and have faith in God

Me: **Silence**

Vincent: Where is Vanessa?

Me: She must be with the nanny; I didn’t even see when I came back from my trip

Vincent: But how did this happen?

Me: I just stepped into the house and saw her falling down from the stairs; I dunno what might have happened to her

Vincent: Or could it be… it was because she heard your presence then she was like rushing to meet you?

Me: I just don’t know, ah my God!

Vincent: Just take it easy, everything will be fine

Me: Hhmmm…

Vincent: Come on, let’s go

Me: Go where?

Vincent: To your house so you’ll freshen up at least

Me: I’m not going anywhere

Vincent: You have to, I mean look at you; you look stressed

Me: What about Mirabel that’s fighting for her life? No, I’m not leaving her

Vincent: You have to be strong for her and Vanessa

Me: Don’t waste your time trying to convince me because I’m not leaving here

Vincent: You need to go check on Vanessa

Me: She’s fine

Vincent: She should be here with you

Me: You can go and bring her here, I’m not leaving Mirabel not even for a second

Vincent: I dunno your house, and besides, I’m not familiar with this place

Me: You can ask Adesuwa to take you there; she needs to rest too…

Vincent: Alright then, I’ll be back

Me: **Silence**

Immediately they left, the Doctor came to me and told me he has found a blood match for Mirabel and that it’s on the way coming… I appreciated him for his effort. Not long after that, The President also came in with some donors, about six of them. They had them tested and three of them have the same blood type with Mirabel but two of them had some sickness in them, so we have one donor plus the other one the Doctor ordered for from a blood bank. I just had this excitement and hope within me when we found this rare type of blood for Mirabel. By then, Vanessa was already with me.

Frank (Mirabel’s former bodyguard) called me; he said he heard what happened. We talked for a little while before we ended the call. Lest I forget, Jummy retired from the service immediately Mirabel and I got married so she’ll be a full house-wife and start having children for her husband – Frank. And as for Frank, he continued the service as the first lady’s bodyguard.

They started the transfusion without wasting time and the delivery of the baby through CS (Caesarean section)
We waited impatiently for almost two hours praying that she and the baby will fine until the Doctor came out with a sad look on his face. We immediately rushed him and started bombarding him with questions…

How did it go? How is she?

How’s the operation?

Is the blood enough?

The Doctor stunned us with a shocking news that we lost both of them in the process after telling us some medical bla bla bla that I can’t even remember.

I was short of words, I was extremely shocked! It happened just like a dream, I was lost on earth. The feeling was out of this world.

We arrived in Nigeria the following day with Mirabel’s body using the Presidential jet. By then, the bad news has gotten to the media.

Her body was deposited to the mortuary for days before she was laid to rest. That moment I felt like my life has come to an end. I just dunno what to do and what to feel.

The DNA result reached the President and it’s discovered that Mirabel is not his biological daughter, because her result was negative while Vincent’s and Adesuwa’s were positive. How? Nobody knows as the first lady kept defending herself that she never cheated on the President, but she carried a pregnancy for nine months and delivered a baby.

An idea came in, so they went back to the hospital where they delivered their baby and started an investigation on what might have happened. They checked the hospital’s record of babies born on that specific date, and then they started investigating around looking for those who were born on that particular date from that hospital…. searching for the real President’s daughter.

This also means I’m not a true President’s in law and my daughter with Mirabel is not the President’s grandchild. What kind of misfortune is this? Chai!


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