The very least you can do if you admire a girl is pay part of her bills – Nigerian lady

By: Naijamedialog / March 21st, 2022 / 61 views

pay nigerian girls bills

A Nigerian lady has sparked controversy with her unusual stance on the problem of bill-paying amongst members of the opposing gender, which has sparked a national debate.

Onyinye believes that when a guy expresses his affection for a girl, the proper method to demonstrate his affection is to pay her expenditures.

She emphasized that if he is serious about being with her, then paying some of her costs is the bare minimum he can do to demonstrate his love and devotion.

“Dunno, but I believe that if you appreciate a lady and want to be with her, the least you can do is pay part of her expenditures,” she wrote.

Dunno, but I think if you like a lady and you want to be with her, the least you can do is pay some of her bills.❤️

— Ásá💐 (@onyinyee_n) March 20, 2022

@Tee_Classiquem1; Must they always have a bill to pay? What if a man didn’t come her way, won’t she pay her bills? Oh wait if a lady likes a guy, should they also pay his bills to get his attention?

@cheeorhmah; Man wey go love you go love you and do it!!!!💯💯 Twitter standards sha be roasting this babe for nothing! She didn’t even say all! She fvcking said some! Wtf is wrong with helping the woman you love pay some of her bills?? This app sha! Wahala for who carry una matter for head🥂

@VictorIsrael_; The least she should do for herself is drop a business proposal on Davido’s tweet or join a Registered orphanage home so she can qualify for Davido’s orphanage scholarship and grants instead of this “money for hand; back for ground” business. Goodluck

@DanielRegha; A man paying ur bills isn’t a prove he loves u or has ur best interest at heart; There’s nothing wrong if a man financially assist u as a lady cos relationship is for the betterment of both partners, but using that as a criterion to rate a man’s love is unwise. Think beyond that.

@Ada_di_ora_mma; I hope you intend to handle some of his basic needs as well, replace his body lotion, perfume, soap, hair products etc before they run out. Buy set of inner wears, ties, slippers etc.

Reciprocity gives relationship a balance. Don’t just take, take, take and take.

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