Those calling for my removal, suspension will meet their waterloo soon ― Oluwo

Against the backdrop of gale of protest pushing for his suspension over recent alleged attack on Agbowu of Ogbaagba, Oba Dhikirulai Akinropo, the Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale Akanbi, on Monday said those calling for his removal and suspension would soon meet their waterloo.

He declared that his critics should leave him to God and stop judging him on the social media, saying “Nigerians, outside Iwoland are ignorant of the true situation things and the hardship some monarchs in their domains are inflicting on their subjects.”


In a personnally signed statement, which was forwarded to journalists in Osogbo, Oba Akanbi said: “for those, who care to know the background to the Ologbagba’s arrongant attitude at the AIG Zone 11 peace meeting, I have decided to break my silence. What played out at peace meeting was a gang up to twist my hands backward and prevent me from defending these poor people they have continued to oppress with impunity.”

According to him, “it was a case of the oppressor fighting back against the defender of the oppressed, their victims. In the course of the meeting, the Ologbagba tried to play out their orchestrated plan when he tried to poke his walking stick in my eyes and I quickly responded to prevent him from achieving their plan, to turn me to a blind king.”

“These monarchs are lording themselves over their subjects, taking their family lands, selling their inheritance with impunity. They go as far as arresting and imprisoning anyone in these families, who tried to obstruct them from selling their heritage.

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Oba Akanbi continued: “I found the complaints and protests of these people to be true after I had carried out my own personal investigation. I am disappointed when most Nigerians allow sentiments to overide their sense of reasoning and hail bad leaders. But I have vowed to continuously fight corruption in the traditional system just like president Buhari is fighting political corruption by turning deaf hear to critics.

“I feel bad about the strong oppressing the weak and the vulnerable in the society because I always feel the pains of the people that why would something like this happen in Iwoland Traditional Council. Most disgusting is that, these monarchs have employed thugs to protect illegally acquired land sold to speculators. The thugs are paid with proceeds from the land. Of my greatest worry is the amount they sell the land, imagine a standard acre of eight plots sold for N60,000.”

“Many family lands with ancient cash crop trees such as cocoa, palm kernel tree, oranges, plantain, etc are sold and uprooted without the consent of the family owning the land. They went as far as selling a land for about six people. Many families have been rendered ineffective, many orphans had their land grabbed with no compensation.”

“Many cried to my palace seeking justice. Ask them, I do invite them for mediation with their victims but they refused to change. They went as far as saying, land is part of their luxuries (awon fi n d’ola ni). Are they kings to alleviate or inflict hardship on their subjects?

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“Before man and God, I have invited these monarchs to my palace more than 10 times and appealed to them to protect the future of their children by halting frequent and indiscriminate land sale. It was like my admonition was spurring them to sell more and more. They care less, recruit touts to unleash mayhem on their subjects.”

“I once told them that only an hopeless father believe that none of his children will grow to greatness sells land that his children may use to build companies tomorrow. Kings should not be tyrant, feeding fat on their oppressed subjects. Kings can sell their personal land at will and not hijacking and grabbing their subjects’ property with no respect to their dignity.”

“Any king that doesn’t have a job should leave the palace and stop selling our lands for peanuts. That’s why it’s a bad idea to install poor people, who don’t have pedigree, work and business as kings. They only see selling ancestral lands as their business. What they did to His Imperial Majesty, Oba Asiru Olatubosun Tadese, they can and they should never try such with Telu 1. I am your nemesis.

“If all what I am fighting for is personal, God should remove the crown on my head. I have no interest in taking any land in my domain as against those peddling lies against me but to protect the helpless subjects being subjected to hardship and harrowing experiences by these Obas.

“This ignominous attitude can’t stand anymore. Those calling for my removal henceforth will meet their waterloo as done to the victims of land grabbers. It is disappointing to note that most of these critics are the children of the poor I am defending. I am not moved at all as much as God sees me. You are doing same to President Muhammadu Buhari, helping to rid the nation of corrupt people. You threw more stones at him but he is not deterred to fight corruption killing all of us as a nation”, Oba Akanbi remarked.

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