Tips on how to write a winning CV to land you that desired jobs

It is not suffice to have a good grade alone, even with many professional certifications and soft skills needed for the job without knowing how to write a good, winning and fascinating CV to gain the attention of Recruiters and HRs.

In this article, I will share some tips on how to write a good CV on your own without having to contract any professional CV writer.

Some of those tips are highlighted below:

# 1. Keep it brief and succinct
Many people have erroneous believe that to impress Recruiters you need to have a robust CV which make them include even unnecessary elements in their CV. It must be stated that Recruiters receive too many applications and already looking for a way to disqualify many and that leaves them with no time to be reading CVs like they are reading newspapers. They want to get to know applicants at a glance at their CVs and any CV lengthing to 3 pages for an entry level might get thrashed.

#2. Grammatical Errors
Grammatical errors are unpardonable and inexcusable mistakes and not condoned by HRs and Recruiters. Your CV speaks for you in your absence and ‘First impression last longer’ as they say, your CV is your portrait so you need to paint it well. Avoid grammatical errors by proofreading at least 3 times after writing your CV.

#3. Design and picture
It is advisable to do away with designs and pictures to keep your CV professional unless if you are applying for a post of graphic designer and is explicitly stated in the advert to include it in your CV. Putting your pictures or passports on your CV is not good.

#4 Work experience
Many people make mistakes in this aspect by mentioning where they have worked and their positions alone. By including your past experiences, you are telling Recruiters and HRs that you have knowledge and experience applicable to the roles they are recruiting for, to convince them you must include your roles, job responsibilities and major accomplishments/achievements in each of your past experiences.

#5. Professional email address and hotline
It is a must to have a professional and functional email and a phone contact that can be contacted at any time. Any failed attempt to get through to you by HRs might give chance to another applicant as there are many applicants. Professional email address is believed to contain both your first name and last name, for example someone bearing Elephant Dog can use address like ‘elephantdog@gmail.com’ or ‘dogelephant@gmail.com’. It helps HRs in tracking your applications.
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