Tobi Bakre Biography, Early life, Age, Education, Wife, Brother, Award, Net Worth and Others

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Tobi Bakre Biography, Early life, Age, Education, Wife, Brother, Award, Net Worth and Others

Tobi Bakre Biography, Early life, Age, Education, Wife, Brother, Award, Net Worth and Others

Tobi Bakre is an accomplished actor, model, photographer, and media influencer from Nigeria who has many facets to his personality. Tobi Bakre, who was born on June 1st, 1994, in Lagos, Nigeria, became well-known after he made an appearance on Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) in 2018.


Tobi Bakre Biography

Tobi Bakre, whose real name is Oluwatobi Bakre, is a popular media influencer, model, and actor from Nigeria. He is well-known for his dynamic on-screen appearance. The third season of the hugely renowned reality TV program Big Brother Naija in Nigeria marked the beginning of his rise to popularity. Tobi emerged as one of the fan favorites after winning over the audience and his fellow competitors with his charm, intelligence, and genuine manner throughout the competition.

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Tobi Bakre Age

Tobi Bakre was born On June 1st, 1994, He will be 28 years old in 2023. Tobi has succeeded in the entertainment world despite being relatively young, and he is developing into a more varied actor.


Tobi Bakre Early Life

Tobi Bakre was raised in Lagos, Nigeria, where he was born. He shown a love of the arts and entertainment from a young age. He enthusiastically engaged in school plays, talent shows, and other creative efforts as a child, which allowed him to display his innate talent for performing. The basis for Tobi’s future career in the entertainment sector was built by his early experiences.


Tobi Bakre Education

In Lagos, Nigeria, Tobi Bakre completed his primary and secondary school. He was admitted to the University of Lagos after completing his secondary education, where he pursued a degree in Banking and Finance. Tobi continued to pursue his love of the arts while he was a student, participating in a variety of artistic endeavors and developing his acting abilities.


Tobi Bakre Career

After Tobi Bakre’s participation in Big Brother Naija, his career accelerated. After the performance, he made the most of his newfound notoriety and popularity to establish himself as a talented entertainer. Tobi decided to try acting and got parts in both movies and television shows, enthralling viewers with his talent and versatility. He rapidly became known as a rising star in the Nigerian film industry thanks to his talent for giving characters life and dimension.

Tobi Bakre has established himself as an actor as well as a model and photographer. He has received countless modeling opportunities with prominent brands and designers as a result of his eye-catching features and distinctive sense of style, which have elevated him to a sought-after face in the fashion business. Additionally, Tobi’s love of photography has given him the opportunity to showcase his artistic vision and experiment with his creative side while working behind the camera.


Tobi Bakre Brother

Tobi Bakre and his brother Femi Bakre are very close. Femi is a thriving businessperson and the CEO of the multimedia entertainment company Kraks Media Limited. The Bakre brothers have worked together to support one another’s aspirations, utilizing their unique skills and knowledge to achieve outstanding success in their specialized industries.


Tobi Bakre AMCVA 2023 Award

The Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA) have acknowledged Tobi Bakre’s extraordinary talent and devotion to his trade. He received the prestigious AMCVA award in 2023 in recognition of his great work in a prominent part in a TV series. His status as one of Nigeria’s most promising actors was further cemented by this acknowledgment, which led to more career prospects.


Tobi Bakre Wife

Tobi Bakre and Anu Oladosu have been blissfully married since 2023. Before he appeared on Big Brother Naija, they started dating, and they have remained faithful to one another during his ascent to fame. Tobi and Anu are an example of a solid and devoted partnership as they continue to encourage and support one another in their own goals.


Tobi Bakre Personal Life

Tobi Bakre enjoys a fulfilling personal life in addition to his work. He is noted for his personable and down-to-earth attitude, which has endeared him to millions of followers worldwide. Tobi enjoys traveling, learning new cultures, and engaging in charity activities. His love for helping others has inspired him to support numerous humanitarian initiatives and use his platform and resources to improve the lives of others.


Tobi Bakre Movies

Tobi Bakre has starred in a number of well-known films and TV shows, enthralling viewers with his outstanding performances. His significant compositions include “The Call,” “The Hidden Past,” and “Tangled.” Tobi has won praise for his ability to portray a variety of characters with nuance and realism, cementing his status as a rising star in the Nigerian film industry.


Tobi Bakre Social Media Accounts

Tobi Bakre is constantly active on social media, where he interacts with his followers and posts updates on his personal and professional lives. Through the following social media platforms, you may get in touch with him and follow his most recent endeavors:

Instagram: @tobibakre

Twitter: @tobibakre

Facebook: Tobi Bakre


Tobi Bakre Net Worth

Tobi Bakre has a sizable net worth as a result of his successful career in acting, modeling, and influence. His anticipated net worth in 2023 will be around $1.5 million, which is a result of his laborious effort, talent, and entrepreneurial zeal.



Tobi Bakre’s progression from a Big Brother Naija participant to a well-known personality in the Nigerian entertainment business is evidence of his brilliance, tenacity, and unshakable devotion to his work. Tobi has grabbed audiences with his on-screen charisma and ability as an actor, model, photographer, and influencer. Tobi Bakre continues to have a big influence on the Nigerian entertainment sector and is an inspiration to budding artists and performers thanks to his many honors, successful career, and devoted fan base.