Top 5 mistake you are making why taking medication

Most people fail to properly take their meds. Of course you might religiously adhere to the method of taking pills as prescribed by your doctor or pharamcist but other factors such as diet and lifestyle may have an impact on the effectiveness of medicine taken. Here are some of the mistakes that you might be making in taking your meds.

1. It is never advisable to mix medicine and alcohol.
2. Grapefruit can stop certain medicines for heart problems, high blood pressure,lowering cholesterol and fighting infection, from being absorbed.
3. Many anti depressants shouldn’t be mixed with mood lifting herbal anti depressants.
4. Bronchodilators to clear airways for asthma and bronchitis shouldn’t be mixed with caffeine, as it can overstimulate the central nervous system.
5. Combining aspirin with alcohol or fruit juice can disturb your stomach. And so can eating a salty meal if you’re taking medicine with cortisone.
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