Watery Sperm? See 6 Super Foods That Every Man Needs in His Life for Thicker Sperm

When a man produce watery or thin semen, it is considered to be a sign of sexual weakness. A thick sperm can be a sign of turn-on for most women and there is no man who wouldn’t want to impress his woman through his sexual performance and ability.

So how can you help yourself to produce thick sperm?
This can be easily achieved with some simple and easy tips, making your sperm thick only requires you to make sure you are getting all the vitamins and minerals that your body system needs to produce thick and healthy sperm: Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamins and Selenium are extremely important as far as healthy sperm production is concerned.
Did you know that almost 70 Percent of Zinc in a body is actually contained in the Semen?
Here are 6 Super Foods that helps to Increase Sperm Thickness:
1.      Bananas – Bananas are overloaded with Vitamin A, B1 and C, all of which helps in improving male fertility, these nutrients helps to increase male semen, while increasing sperm production and overall health of the sperm cells. They also nourish and boost the body with necessary stamina to improve sexual performance in a man. Bananas also contain Bromelain enzymes that helps to fire up a man’s libido and sperm thickness.
2.      Sun Flower Seeds – As it is imperative for men to make their reproductive health a top priority, eating sun flower seeds is a perfect way to maintain proper sperm levels without making any considerable change in diet routine, unsalted roasted sun flower seeds are rich in Vitamins and essential nutrients that increases sperm thickness and sperm mortility.
Sun flower seeds offers, substantial amount of Zinc, folic acid and Selenuim, all of which are potent fertility nutrients with outstanding benefits.
3.      Oysters – Oysters are widely known for their miraculous properties, as they have been projected as heavy testosterone producing foods for a very long time. Oysters is the food chain most concentrated Zinc source, a crucial nutrient that is important for conception, increasing zinc level have been proven to boost sperm levels while improving the form, function and thickness of male sperm.
4.      Eggs – eggs aren’t just rich in protein, but also in Vitamin E which helps keep testicular tissues from degenerating. Including egg in your diet will help boost sperm thickness and fertility.
5.      Berries – Berries are one of the best food that helps to improve sperm count, strawberries, cranberries and blackberries contains high amount of anti-inflammatory substances, anti-oxidants and vitamin C that are known to increase sperm thickness and quality. Goji berries are the most effective as it maintains the temperature of the scrotum for semen production.
6.      Garlic – Garlic is a natural, magical and powerful herb with tons of health benefits. Garlic has cleansing and antibiotic properties. it improves blood flow to the testis that contributes to fertility. It also contains Zinc that helps to increase testosterone, sperm mortility and sperm thickness. 
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