Ways to Meet New People in College

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Ways to Meet New People in College

Ways to Meet New People in College


For many people, going off to college means leaving old friends behind and entering an entirely new environment filled with new experiences and opportunities. It also means facing complete strangers. At first, this may all feel overwhelming. We tend to find comfort in the familiar, and new situations such as this can invoke a lot of unease. Forming new, meaningful friendships during that first year brings joy and eases the transition. Fortunately, the college provides many opportunities to meet like-minded people and develop these friendships.


Join Clubs

Most colleges are home to many student-led clubs and organizations. These can provide excellent opportunities for students to meet other compatible students. Clubs may focus on particular academic fields, such as business, anthropology, or criminal justice, or they may center on a social or political theme, such as environmental consciousness. Sororities and fraternities are other organizations that offer social opportunities. Attending meetings and events of student organizations can open the doorway to new friendships.

In addition to making college a more fulfilling experience, joining organizations can have a positive impact on a student’s job search. Being active in an organization, especially any that are career-oriented, shows that the student has real-world experience and true interest in a particular career.

Attend School Dances

For some, attending a school dance may feel intimidating. However, this is another effective way to meet people. Make the most of the situation and draw positive attention to yourself. Women can choose a dress that really stands out from the crowd, for example.   Music and dancing automatically put most people in an amicable mood, which makes dances an ideal setting for meeting new friends.

Create Study Groups

Study groups help students assimilate material through discussion. These groups are also one way to meet other people who might share similar interests outside the classroom. Join study groups or take the initiative to create new ones. Everyone can decide on a venue for the group. It could be held in a cafeteria, a coffee shop, a dorm common room, or someone’s apartment. Study groups can quickly become casual social events.

Invite Classmates to Share a Table at Lunch

Sharing meals can be a bonding experience. Overcome your shyness and ask other students if they want to get together for lunch. Some may decline if they are busy or shy, but nothing is lost. Remain open and cheerful and eventually, like-minded students will join in.


There are many positive benefits to volunteerism in college. Some volunteer work will help your applications for scholarships and grants stand out from the pack. Volunteering also looks great on a résumé, gives you real-world experience, improves your confidence, and provides extra opportunities to meet people.
While you can volunteer for a position related to your desired career, it is not necessary. College is the perfect time to explore various opportunities. Use volunteerism to explore new things and meet new people. You will be helping others while enhancing your own life.
College life is more than academics. A college campus teems with potential new friends that may remain in your life for many years. Take the steps to socialize and keep open to new possibilities. Making the first step is the most intimidating part, but is well worth the effort.

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