We don’t have make love anymore ~ lady opens up how her mother in-law always sleeps in between her and husband in the night

By: Sarkolee / May 28th, 2022 / 26 views

A worried wife has resorted to social media to seek marital help, revealing that her mother-in-love law’s for her husband’s son is causing their marriage to suffer.

The woman revealed disturbing facts about her mother-in-law sleeping in between her and her husband every night, and when she protested to her husband, he said it had been the standard since he was an only child.

She bemoaned how difficult it was to have sex with her spouse because of the scenario.

Read the full details below:

I don’t know what to do again. I once sent a story when my husband and I was staying with my mother in law. After posting, I gathered courage, confronted my husband and his mum. Because of that, my husband and I decided to move out to our own house.

We rented a two bedroom. Just two weeks after moving out, my mother-in-law followed us. Before she sleeps in between my husband. When I complained, my husband claimed that was how he was raised as an only son that I should adapt.

We no longer have sxx at night but during d day or hubby will invite me to his office. Ceetee, now my mil visited and agreed to stay at the second room. But on several occasions I will wake up in the morning and still see her in between my husband and I.

My husband as usual is on boxer and my mum in law will be wearing only pant and bra. Sometimes will only wear pants. I’ve never caught them having sxx.

I’m so confused. I don’t even know if they drugged me . How was I not able to know when she came in. Ceetee, im not a deep sleeper.

Before, I confronted them and threatened to expose them that they are having sxx. Because of that hubby agreed for us to get our apartment.

This morning I woke up to prepare for church and saw my mother-in-law in between us. I locked the door last night. Meaning hubby opened the door for her. I woke up and started shouting at her to leave my house for me to enjoy my marriage. She opened her mouth I told me that I can’t come in between she and her son.

They no longer care if I tell the world what they are doing or not. My concern is why only in between us. Why not sleep at the edge. Please post anonymous. How do I handle this.

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