What Makes Garri Healthy

Garri, sometimes called Cassava Flakes, is a popular staple food and unarguably one of the main sources of carbohydrates in Nigeria. It is a versatile edible is a local delicacy eaten across Nigeria. It can even be “transformed” into different forms e.g èbà eaten by the Yorubas.

However, the health benefits of this go-to-meal are unknown or not paid attention to by its consumers. So, if like me, you’ve ever wondered what makes drinking Garri healthy? Here are a few reasons you should take Garri:
Aids Recovery From Diarrhea
Garri works magic in the treatment of diarrhoea. So if you find yourself in a meal-gone-wrong situation, mix Garri with water and drink twice a day and expect an excellent result. But that shouldn’t stop you from seeking medical attention!
Weight loss
If you are trying to lose some weight and go all sexy? If yes, try garri. I know you would say garri is a starchy food, but do you also know it is low in calories and with high fibre contents that will help you stay full for a longer period. Hence, reducing the urge to always eat in large quantities.
Aids digestion
Garri serves as a detoxifier as it helps absorb toxins that go into your intestines. This, in turn, can help improve your digestive health. You can soak garri in water with milk to have a combined effect. That is, the vitamins from milk mixed with that in garri make for a great combination.
Improved eyesight
Contrary to the belief that Garri can negatively affect your eyesight, the vitamin A and bakarotennya contents in garri can help to improve the health of your eyes and can also prevent future blindness.
Energy booster
Garri soaked in water helps to provide a certain amount of energy which aids a healthy life. When soaked in cold water, it also reduces body temperature, especially during the hot weather.
Please note that the information provided in this article is provided as an information resource only. It is not intended for use as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment. Please seek advice from your physician if you feel unhealthy.
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