What men desire in a relationship.

In one of my articles I wrote about what women desire in a relationship now its time to know what men desire in a relationship.
Its simple not complicated like that of women. Men reason logically, that’s how they’re wired unlike women who reason emotionally.
Now to want men desire in a relationship.
A man wants to be respected. He feels lived by his woman that way. When you show him how much he means to you by treating him with respect, he’ll know his woman loves him.
Men are naturally egoistic and full of pride. They want to show the world how much their woman respects them. If that right is infringed upon. They’ll want to loose that relationship. An example is the story of Queen Vashti who lost her crown to Queen Esther when she disrespected her husband the King in from of his peers. She was called upon and she ignored him. That’s a show of disrespect.
Respect isn’t a form of bondage. Men feel they’re the head and woman should submit to them. That’s how they feel loved.
Men wants to know whats always on your mind. They want to you to communicate your thoughts with them. They ain’t the perfect kinda mind readers. So when you talk to them. They feel secured. Due to their logical reasoning attitude they expect a woman who’s ready for a relationship to be emotionally matured even tho women reason emotionally. They wants to know exactly what’s on their woman’s mind at all times. Tho not all men are good listeners but they still want you to communicate.
Freedom is another key point. Men want space. They need time to think a d to be with their friends. They wouldn’t want their woman not giving them the desired space in a relationship. No matter how much they love their woman they need time alone to figure out certain things themselves. 
Most men desire romance in a relationship. They’re very romantic in nature. They need to feel that physical connection for them to know you love them. Men get carried away by eomactic gestures such as surprise gifts, surprise dates and all. That shows them how much you love them. Men wants to feel your touch, they want you to hold their hands while you take a walk, they feel secured that way.
Men desire women who share in their visions, one who supports him and accepts him for who he is. Not comparing him with other men.
So finally men desire a relationship where they can have fun and be happy.
What are your thoughts…Kindly share.
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