When to say i love you to your partner

You’re feeling so happy, and want to say

“I love you”, but just can’t say it first. Because you’re not sure how your partner will react.

You know how you feel, but can’t figure out what’s going on in their head.
Maybe they’re serious and love you too. Or maybe they think this is all just a casual fling.
But it’s more than just casual if they enjoy doing ordinary things with you, like grocery shopping. Or just want to be with you, no matter what you’re doing.
And they want to know the real you. They’re asking questions and really listening to your answers. They’re willing to be vulnerable with you, and there’s no sign of them always wanting to have the upper hand in your relationship.
They share things they’ve heard with you, want your feedback and care about your opinion. You’re the first person they want to tell about something interesting that’s happened to them.
You’ve become their go-to when they’re uncertain, and you’re beginning to make decisions together.
They look at you often, and when you catch them in a glance, they don’t look away. And the relationship is about far more than just sex.
If your relationship is just as much fun outside the bedroom, then that’s a pointer to where things are heading.
Because when two people are in love, sex is just a part of what they enjoy doing together. You can still want to get it on every night, but a major part of a serious relationship is all of the other things you do together.
They’ve also started wanting to make plans for the future with you. Small things to begin with, like for the next weekend.
But if they’re constantly wanting to spend time with you and are thinking about the future, it’s a good indicator that they’re in it for the long haul.
When someone is in love and committed, they want you to be happy. So they support you; listen to you; fuss over you when you’re sick; help you move house; and take your side in an argument.
It’s fine just enjoying the moment together, but a big part of being in love is ongoing support and commitment.
But even if all that’s happening, you still can’t really know for sure until you’re actually saying those three little words to one another.
So if you’re really feeling good about the relationship and can’t stop wondering whether your partner’s also in love with you, think about telling them how you feel.
It’s risky, of course, but there are no real rules about when to tell someone you love them, or who should say it first.
So take a chance, because communicating your feelings is always the best way forward in a relationship.
And think how good you’ll feel if they smile and reply, “I love you too!”
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