White woman captured selling foodstuff in Abuja market [video]

By: Sarkolee / August 18th, 2022 / 33 views

A white woman who was seen hustling like a trader in the Federal Capital Territory quickly became the center of attention at a neighborhood market.


A day in the life of a market lady was experienced by the woman known as Pia Majid, and it was documented on camera.


She assisted in the sale of food goods and carried out numerous other tasks common to market women, such as crushing water melon seeds for egusi.


The woman claimed in the video she posted on TikTok and YouTube that she went to “hustle,” which is another word for working hard every day.


She may be seen assisting with the sale of goods like beans, flour, and other commodities while wearing an apron to resemble a market vendor.


When an Oyibo woman started selling in the market, both buyers and vendors could not stop staring at her.

Pia said it was a fun experience assisting the market women and traders in their work.


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