Why you must impregnate your fiancee or girlfriend before marriage

By: Sarkolee / April 18th, 2022 / 103 views

A man who’s an relationship expert dictate for men about impregnating their girlfriend before marriage

Some women, he claims, take contraceptive tablets too frequently, putting their chances of becoming pregnant at risk. He added to his point by emphasizing the need of having a lady pregnant for at least one month before making a marriage proposal.


“I have an unpopular opinion. Make sure your fiancée is at least one month pregnant before taking your relatives to see her parents. Postinor is treated as though it were panadol by these persons.

By marrying a Postinor vendor, you are increasing your chances of infertility. This problem will not be solved by polygamy. You will die before your time if one of your wives does not have a child!” he warned.

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