Wife broke bottle on her husband head after caught him cheating [watch video]

By: Sarkolee / June 23rd, 2022 / 39 views

Drama occurred when the cheating husband’s wife discovered him having a great time with another woman while he was unable to zip up his pants.

Because many marriages were built on the pillars of love and trust, the partners are expected to preserve these beliefs till death do them part. These married couples aren’t always devoted to one another, as several examples from society have shown.

For instance, in Ghana, unmarried women who date married men—possibly for love or financial reasons—are sometimes referred to as “side chics.”

However, wives today have chosen to take issues into their own hands in order to avoid appearing to be whiny about their husbands’ wrongdoings.

A married woman is seen accosting her husband in a video that just went viral on social media.

The alleged side-chick of the cheating husband was enjoying drinks with him in an open bar when his wife, who was merely passing by, noticed them.

As spectators stared in disbelief and wondered if they were seeing a scenario from a Hollywood film or a soap opera, the betrayed wife went crazy and attacked her husband with a bottle.

The unfortunate man attempted to calm his wife down, but she kept kicking and punching him.


Click HERE to watch video

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