Wizkid fans attack media personality as he tag wizkid as “Immature” and also broke shaming other artist

By: Sarkolee / October 31st, 2022 / 21 views

Wizkid FC, a well-known artist, has fans who unabashedly stand up for him when a media personality criticizes him after he makes a rant about being the best.

This comes after Wizzy lost his composure and said that other singers are inferior to him whether or not he retires.

Wizkid was criticized for breaking the law by Ruth, a Twitter influencer, who called the behavior immature.

Wizkid dey broke shame. Later y’all would say he is matured. 💀😂. Can you just make good music without arguing who is the biggest in the music industry ?? Asake wey better pass wizkid no dey make noise like this o,” she wrote.

A large number of the singer’s followers criticized the media figure, and one in particular hoped for her “gruesome death.”