Woman cries out after his husband want him to kneel down to beg his one year old kid

By: Sarkolee / August 1st, 2022 / 56 views

After hearing her husband criticize her for reprimanding their son, the mother screams out for help.

The mother described the argument to a relationship coach, saying that it began when she warned her 1-year-old kid about touching his father’s food.

However, the father disapproved of it and demanded that the son kneel before him and formally apologize.

On Friday night, I served my husband food when he came back from work, immediately he opened the soup my baby ( 1 year 3 months) put his hand in the soup immediately and carried meat so I spanked his born born that why did he do that, its wrong and a bad behaviour too.

My husband got angry with me that why will I beat his son in his presence for carrying meat that he bought with his own money?

He said I should kneel down and apologise to the boy and him too, I immediately knelt down and apologise to him, but I told him that I can’t kneel to apologise to a child I gave birth to, so he left the food, took the boy out to a nearby restaurant and they ate there.

Since then he has stopped eating at home, nor talk to me. This morning, I woke him up very early and told him that I want us to talk, but he said he can only have anything to do with me any time I kneel and apologise to his son.

Please my fellow mothers, what should I do, is it that I should not spank the boy if he does something bad?

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