Woman cries out as her little daughter loves taking Eba and Soup but rejects Baby food [video]

By: Sarkolee / September 28th, 2022 / 68 views

A Nigerian mom was astounded by her infant’s mysterious preference for food intended for grownups.

She disclosed that although her daughter, who is only a few months old, loves to eat eba and soup, she has rejected every baby food offered to her, including formula.

The infant girl loves to drink water from a sachet, which is what is referred to be pure water in Nigeria, the mother added.

She posted a video of her toddler eating baby food while sobbing, yet joyfully devouring a dish of eba and soup.

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greycia_barbie; Life self hard make person come Dey eat light food 😂😂😂

olajummoke; Lol that’s how we are in our family… Na food straight 😂

its_ceendees; Daughter of the soil 🙌

staywicked; Lol na old woman