Woman discovers the father of her 4 kids is her brother [video]

By: Sarkolee / May 21st, 2022 / 38 views

Domitila, a lady who goes by the name of Domitila, claims she married her brother without knowing they were connected since she was unaware of his existence.

The woman who spoke with Afrimax said that her parents abandoned her when she was a child, and that they all became separated while looking for a way to survive because no one was looking after them.

Domitila and her brother never grew up together, so they had no idea who the other was. But fate had other ideas.

She claimed that she met her sibling while looking for work in the city and fell in love with him despite not knowing who he was.

After they married, she bore four children, but people who were able to trace their family history discovered that they were linked by blood and were born of the same parents. Domitila was shunned by the community after the heinous act.

Domitila left her marriage because of the disgrace it brought her, and she and her four children lived in a mud shack until an NGO purchased her a new home. Her heart swelled with delight.


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