Women who had fun with lot of men are the good women ~ Relationship Expert Blessing CEO reveals

By: Sarkolee / July 16th, 2022 / 81 views

The CEO of Blessing explains that the majority of women who have had fun with various guys are actually good people.


Blessing The majority of women in society who have a high body count are actually decent individuals and are not evil as society perceives them to be, according to Okoro Nkiruka, better known as Blessing CEO and a well-known relationship expert.


Blessing Okoro explained in a video why ladies who have killed many people are still decent people. Her main argument was that many women lack sufficient intimacy training from a young age and believe that if they slept with a man, he will love them.


She claimed that they were not sleeping with several men because they were inebriated or trying to get money from men, but rather because they believed that intimacy is the key to true love.


As a result, they make mistakes when looking for true love, and the majority of the time the women end up being exhausted and dumped.


The CEO of Blessing recommended women to keep their body count to themselves because it is a part of their personal development.


She advised against telling any man who asks them out their body count since he would judge them.

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