Yahoo boy cries out after his girlfriend he sent to abroad to study reportedly dumped him to marry someone else

By: Sarkolee / July 17th, 2022 / 55 views

A Nigerian man related a tale of an online fraudster named Yahoo who paid for his girlfriend’s travel expenses.

The tweep claims that the Yahoo Boy paid for all of her bills and sent her to Ukraine to study medicine.

He flew her back to Nigeria whenever she was on vacation, and this pattern persisted until she fell pregnant by another man.

She ultimately broke up with her yahoo boyfriend in order to wed the Ukrainian man who was also the baby’s father.

Gist for the TL:

So, this yahoo boy sent his girlfriend to Ukraine to study medicine, & was flying her to NG for visit each time she was on break, but shawty got impregnated by another Nigerian guy in Ukraine by the time she’d graduate, & is now married to him, but that’s not…

My grouse, it’s rather, the fact that this dvmb mofo has 2 sisters, & 2 brothers, but didn’t see reason to send any of them abroad to study as he did for a total stranger (his ex-girlfriend), rather he left them in NG to be dealing with incessant ASSU strikes, and has now…

Lost on all fronts.

Talk about simping!

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