“Y’all should be calming down” ~ Angela Okorie heavily drag Kate Henshaw for badmouthing her, slams Uche Elendu

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“Y’all should be calming down” ~ Angela Okorie heavily drag Kate Henshaw for badmouthing her, slams Uche Elendu

"Y'all should be calming down" ~ Angela Okorie heavily drag Kate Henshaw for badmouthing her, slams Uche Elendu

For Nollywood actress Angela Okorie, who has many unfinished business with her coworkers, it is time for revenge.

Angela attacked Kate Henshaw for being a phony and disparaging her in a lengthy post on her Instagram page.

Angela Okorie explained the individual she was referring to, albeit she didn’t specifically mention Kate Henshaw by name.

According to her description, the aforementioned coworker is over 50, a gym aficionado, and a dancer; Kate Henshaw perfectly fits this description because everyone on social media is aware of how much the veteran enjoys dancing and working out.

According to Angela, Kate Henshaw has been disparaging her to other coworkers and saying that they should not respect her.

If Kate isn’t a witch, why is she bringing other people along with her? she questioned.

Angela said that Uche Elendu, one of her coworkers, had been pleading for their coworkers to intervene on her behalf.

Angel was insistent, insisting that Uche could only earn her forgiveness by apologizing to her in front of everyone.

“Will I say this period is Vawulence period?

So that’s how one of our Legendary black aunty wey no won respect herself, took upon herself to be going around telling people who love me genuinely that I don’t have respect.

I no dey greet, that I always feel on top of the world.

Anybody who knows me in real life knows am the most beautiful soul you will ever meet on earth but if you fuck up 2 seconds everywhere don burst. My brothers and sisters na so some of my cool friends and colleagues stopped vibing with me buh u be like fuck y’all who you help.

Now the question is why are u dragging other people with you if you are not a witch b4 you could know if they started forming groups of aunty and brother kgwe kgwe kgwe. In fact, this black auntie drag 2 of our prominent male public figures to join their coven.

But the one that initiated this whole shit, she is dark, she dey go gym well well, she likes to dance. She is over 50, and I still dey wonder why I go dey insult or disrespect a woman over 50 years.

See truth be say everybody go old in fact, my prayer every day is to age gracefully, you see people calling me Real.

Cos am too real to be around fake people and the thing is some of them think you respect them cos you wanna be in their wack ass stup!d gang full of envious and jealous buttered souls that are only intimidated by my presence I choose my friends my friends don’t choose me.

You disrespect me or say shit about me I dump your unloyal ass and move ahead. Aunty who you help abeg.

Be calming down y’all are getting too old for shit like this.

Age gracefully make I no write your full name here cos you already know I don’t play so stop playing. I no dey fear anybody o na woto woto period be this o.

Meanwhile, Uche Elendu is busy calling everybody to call me to beg. I said Aunty Uche go to the public and ask my fans to forgive you cos na them fit beg me like this now.

My ear no fit open like this na giveaway we dey now on a low”.



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