You are supposed to be using men not showing them care ~ Moet Abebe advises ladies

By: Sarkolee / August 9th, 2022 / 29 views

Moet Abebe, a Nigerian video jockey, has counseled women against devoting time and effort to pursuing a man.

She claimed on her Instagram story that males should pursue and follow women rather than the other way around.

Moet advised women who express interest in males to distance themselves emotionally so that the man would have to work hard to get their attention.

She claimed that women are not encouraged to express their feelings openly since they would always be held accountable if things don’t work out in the end.

Moet believes that using men for one’s own gain is beneficial for them.

According to the media personality, women should not be hasty in answering calls or text messages and should let men invest in them and pursue them.

Moet continued by advising them to put more of an emphasis on finding their own happiness independent of a partner.

As she put it;

Let Man be following you!!! You string them along!!! You make them invest in you!!! Let them be the ones to waste their time and not you… Let them chase you!!! You should Be the one that is emotionally unavailable!!!

You should Be the one that takes time to answer their calls or respond to their messages…. on a real.. over doing or being over caring.. e no Dey pay… Focus on you and your happiness mehn.. never let it revolve around Man becos na you the woman them go still blame when it all goes to shits. You may as well make it work out in your favour…