You are turning your husband to lazy man if you gives him money ~ Relationship Expert opens up

By: Sarkolee / June 4th, 2022 / 14 views

Zaituni Kakyama, a marriage and lifestyle consultant, has counseled women against providing money to their husbands since it will make them sluggish.

Even if she can afford it, a woman should not financially support her partner, according to the Ugandan lady.

In a TV interview, Zaituni said that males should let women spend their money so that they will work harder for more.

She said :

Whether she gets more money than he does, he has to take care of his wife and family as a head.

I don’t give my man money because when I do, that leads to his destruction when he gets into the comfort zone of being given.

You find women from such marriages saying their men don’t love them. Remember how you convinced that woman to marry you, small things matter.


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