Young lady divorced her husband over insisting to split their bills into 50/50

By: Sarkolee / August 23rd, 2022 / 35 views

A young lady related how one of her coworkers got a divorce from her spouse for refusing to pay the whole amount of their debts.

Her coworker claims that she resisted her husband’s request to split the costs 70/30, which resulted in their divorce.

She penned:

“This lady at work told me she left her first husband because he didn’t pay 100% of the bills. He wanted at 70/30 split. Now she’s working 2 jobs. I guess she won’t settle for less.”

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Reacting to the story, @loistruly said:

“Before you mock her, did she have a full time job and was also the only one doing all the domestic work, and yet expected to pay 30% of bills? Was the man basically an absentee father who wanted to eat his cake and have it on both fronts? The only way this makes sense to me”

@midtown_mel wrote:

“My wife and I done 50/50 for the first 3/4 years of us being together. Then time progressed, I’ve made more money in my career. It went from 60/40, 80/20. Now i pay 100% of all household expenses. Sometimes women have to play the long game. Success isn’t overnight”