Young lady narrates how his ex choose his sidechick over her

By: Sarkolee / August 17th, 2022 / 32 views

A young woman described how she put up with her ex-repeated boyfriend’s affairs with various women.

She claimed that because she and her partner were in a “far distance relationship,” he casually mentioned the possibility of sleeping with other women.

She consented to it out of love and was then given the responsibility of selecting the women he would have sex with.

She wrote:

“He told me he needs to cheat to survive because we were on long distance so I should allow him so that he doesn’t break my heart. He used to allow me pick who he’s gonna cheat on me with and I thought we were bonding.”

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mizgraceS wrote:“Which bonding una Dey bond ode”

@city_of_urhobo_ wrote: “don open door go my street junction go oo lipm for night. Love will show u shege”

@timblaze_ wrote: “What a very honest boyfriend, I thought ladies love honesty and truth”