Young woman drag man to court over inability to fulfill his promise, she demands 4 million naira

By: Sarkolee / July 21st, 2022 / 62 views

QaShontae Short, a young woman, brought a man to court after he missed a scheduled date.


According to the New York Post, she filed the complaint in 2020 and claimed that a man called Richard Jordan who was supposed to take her out on the D-Day instead turned her down.


The irate woman demanded that he give her $10,000 as compensation (approximately N4 million).


When the judge Herman Marable Jr. refused to acknowledge that Jordan’s action was a recognized criminal, QaShontae raised a commotion during the recent hearing.


She allegedly stated that he “did not show and left on her mother’s birthday and her mum had recently died away,” according to court records.


She criticized Jordan for filing a lawsuit alleging “intentional” infliction of emotional distress. But when the presiding judge indicated it was not justified in district court and suggested that it be brought to circuit court during the court case that was held through Zoom, QaShontae lost her cool.


Marable yelled angrily that Short cannot prove that Jordan lied about going on the date with her, despite Short’s assertion that he did. Short claimed that Jordan perjured himself based on her claim that he did.


After Short had been muted and hung up the phone, the judge then decreed that the case be transferred to a circuit court.

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