Yul Edocie betrayed the trust of his wife unlike Mercy Aigbe and Regina Daniels that are enjoying polygamy family ~ Daddy Freeze reveals

By: Sarkolee / June 12th, 2022 / 15 views

Daddy Freeze, a controversial on-air personality, has reacted to Yul Edochie’s constant updates on his polygamous household.

The prominent Nollywood actor, Daddy Freeze, broke his wife’s love and confidence by impregnating and then marrying one of his female colleagues.

Polygamy, according to Daddy Freeze, isn’t a sin or a crime, but how it’s done makes it unacceptable.

He also contrasted Yul’s lifestyle to Regina Daniels and Mercy Aigbe, who entered a polygamous marriage on purpose.

My brother, There is nothing wrong with polygamy. Many African traditions encourage it, Islam also recommends it in certain situations, while the Bible isn’t against it.
However, polygamy is a luxury that is not meant for the struggling class. It is a privilege meant for the wealthy. Ned Nwoko owns a Ferrari and a private jet and can maintain them, while we are all privy to pics of Mercy Aigbe flying business class and are also aware that her hubby is quite wealthy.

Can Yul really afford those luxuries, let’s be honest with ourselves; or are the resources meant for May and her Children going to be slashed to accommodate more people?
Furthermore, Ned, just like Mercy Aigbe’s hubby is a Muslim. All Ned’s wives are aware he is polygamous. Yul on the other hand married May in court, in a monogamous agreement, which now suggests bigamy in my opinion and moreso a betrayal of trust, so the situations are not the same at all o.”he wrote

Yul Edochie, who is unafraid of his acts, enumerated the several accomplishments his second marriage brought to his family.

May Yul Edochie, Yul Edochie’s first wife, had gotten her first endorsement, something that had never happened before the controversy.

He recognized that he had upset his wife in various ways, but he made an earnest apology to her.

Counting his blessings even further, he added that the scandal has increased his celebrity and brought Judy into the forefront.

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